Date: 8th April 2012 at 8:34pm
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Well my insistence that the manager is to blame has had a mixed reception!

What’s more of a minor worry is the fact that some can’t grasp if one appreciates some facets of a manager one can still loathe others. Look, I know I’m bipolar but put huge effort into that.

It would be truly great if those who start squawking about the good that had done and how bad things were under so and so could actually embrace that this is online, not at The Lane so we can all speak freely? We ‘lost’ a 10 point lead…

And so them wot wore the Lilywhite then…

 7.900 Mnnn… being untested doesn’t lose you points..

 8.000 Perhaps a corker. Looked bloody lively.

 8.000 Every time he does anything whatsoever I find myself shouting, ‘Go on then, my son!’

 8.000 Sound as the proverbial pound.

 7.000 Good against their iffy attacks. Iffy when moving forward. 

 9.000 I love him. He’s my un-secret love. The only misplaced 7 out of his 108 passes. Geezer Extremis That is your actual Latin, that is.

 7.000 He made a fist of it. Not beating the guy up, but it was a Second Class ticket performance. Looked insanely nervous moving forward. 

 7.000 boxed him in, but surely a decent manager would have done something to, ‘set free ‘ a £40M rated player?

 5.000 You’re a self indulgent cockeral so please just pack it in. You cockeral.

 7.000 Why the hell wasn’t he deployed far far sooner? Are we allowed to ask? 

 8.000 This is our guy. The Dutch fella. He’s as inventive as hell. You build a team around men like this. 

 6.500 Tough day at the office. His first touch was suspect and he had less supply than a restaurant with Health & Safety notice served on it.