Arry Committed Perjury At HMRC Trial

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Good morning Client Reference numbers.

Arry Redschnapps lied in court. He said under oath to the prosecuting QC,

 “I’m a fantastic football manager!”

The grounds for making an accusation of perjury need to be solid and so I’ll lay them out for you in an easy to follow fashion. 

But first, let’s kick off with yesterday.

Yesterday we witnessed the absolute crème de menthe of Arry’s managerial career. No you dopes, I’m not talking about the performance on the pitch against Norwich. Pah, that was just a football match. I’m talking about his post match BBC interview here.

You do realise you were not only watching history being made, but you were also witnessing The Peter Principle demonstrated live on your TV and recorded forever for future generations to come.

“I played 442 today …I thought we were too open.”

“People say to me we’re better when we’re 442, I think we played that way today and I didn’t like the look of us, I thought we were miles too open.”

On the first quote, this is just straightforward weird because I thought he picked the team and the tactics. But he’s actually commentating from the position of a third party. When he made his substitutions you could effortlessly argue he had the situation worse.

But if that was the ‘people say’ quote was surreal. I’m hesitant to ask who these people are. Are they made up to deflect blame (which we know is something he’s a master of), are they  the voices he hears in his head or perhaps pearls of wisdom from little old ladies when he goes down the shops?

We shouldn’t be shocked though, it’s just a simple case of history repeating.

Let’s look at Arry’s …managerial track record.

Bournemouth? He worked wonders mentoring them away from the foot of the old Third Division, took them on a memorable cup run and later won the League. But check out this harrowing parallel… Arry was linked with the manager’s role at West Ham. He didn’t get the job and after committing to an extended contract at Bournemouth he went on to lead them to …relegation.

West Ham? Arry left West Ham 8th in the Premiership, with a mediocre run out n the Intertoto Cup. After talking too freely with a West Ham fanzine and the Chairman fired him.

Southampton? After walking out on Portsmouth Arry was appointed as the man to save The Saints from Premiership relegation. But they were relegated and he sneaked back to Pompey…

Portsmouth? Well, it was here that Arry won his solitary piece of silverware, the FA Cup. The financial black hole(s) and recriminations around how that club was run into the ground are still echoing today. The club left bankrupted and relegated.

So what we have is what I and a hell of a lot of others have said all along. A passable crisis manager, not a great manager. And he’s some considerable distance away from being fantastic.

Analysis of the game & ratings to follow…

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  • onedavemackay says:

    If he could see 442 was not working why did he not change it?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      There’s an unkind answer to that question, ODM and it contains the words ‘naffing’ and ‘pilchard.’

      Julius Cesar spoke in the third person, but Arry appears to be talking from a third dimension.

  • mus says:

    fakinel make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PS says:

    We need to get our own Wenger/SAF. Someone who can build this team for years to come. We already have a core of decent players. Some that we’re spent a lot of money on in the last 5-10 years. Lets just hope half of them don’t leave if we don’t get fourth. And I can’t see us attracting top talent without Champions League football and the money that comes with it. Vicious circle and what not.

  • Jamjam Goon says:

    ha ha ha ha. I can’t believe this man. He is telling his fans and players someone told him to play 442. Honestly. As a manager the last decision is his. Fergy or Wenger would never listen to anyone wether they are wrong or right. That what makes a manager.I think he is trying to shift the blame to someone else. If he knew it was wrong why didn’t he change it then. He plays the media really well otherwise the media would turn on him big time and simply dump him for the England job

  • Simon says:

    HH, you may well be right that Harry has taken us as far as he can and that it is time for a change. But please don’t denigrate the man totally. Remember where we were when he arrived. He may not deserve all the credit for that, but he deserves a large amount of it.

    The question is: who can take us forward that we can realistically hope to bring in?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I’d immediately bin him. Gardening leave, call it what you want.

      I was laughed at when I said Bale was out of control and I was sniggered at for saying Pleat should step in for the remainder of the games.

      Champions League football would be pivotal in funding the NPD and despite my better judgement I’d field our strongest side against Bolton as we have seriously run out of games we can afford to drop points in.

      Pleat wouldn’t be a disaster, he was shipped in after all as a contingency measure and now is the time to deploy him.

      The FA Cup and CL were both very do-able up until yesterday.

      We now have to ensure the CL cash or we not only do we run the risk of the financial repercussions but it’s more than likely our best players will walk…

      • Simon says:

        Not Pleat !! The 86/87 season was one of the greatest ever….. until the pressure games came. He lost not once, but twice, at home to Arsenal in the League Cup semis and we contrived to lose to Coventry in the FA Cup Final. Just not the right man to win things, never was.

    • DAVSPURS says:

      I wish i could show all our blogs from a few seasons ago and especially this year when we was a possible 13 points ahead of two of the Cartel. I have to confess its me i told Harry to play 442 Livermore and Defoe but not Saha. So if you want to blame anyone blame me. This blog has a lot of good bloggers on and i enjoy the banter but if you read my blogs there has been one drum banging a ground hogg day drum. I told you all we could play 1 8 2 and still get beat this happened last season and then the Modric saga began Harry shafted Levey by saying you cant keep him if he gets more money. When we beat Newcastle i was happy but looking over my shoulder at Arsenal and Chelsea going faster and faster working harder. I also new Newcastle had no midfield when we beat them but they still could have scored three in the second half. Meanwhile Arsenal beat our ex Keeper 7 times to wipe our goal difference out Chelsea sacked there manager and installed another sacked Manager they started flying. Now we have been caught my shattered nerves have snapped and excepted what i knew was coming long before many on this fine blog Harry.H. This is not a new concept but a recurring nightmare for the last four seasons 7th 4th 5th ? i no the answer but i wont spoil the ending. The problem will not change City have spent a fortune trying to get in the top four now winning the league and just like us they failed and lost an 8 point lead and now are behind to the same amount. We can change our manager buy new players go on a great run then in January it can all explode once again with tapping of the players and desperate teams trying to stay in the money laden premiership. I find these guilty the Premiership for allowing sharks to buy clubs and Sky to run footballs schedule the FA Gordan Taylor Alex Ferguson Sol Cambelt uFA who all objected to target testing of the top 30 players and watered it down to about ten five times a year and the names kept a secret. This is what every Manager will face till Football gets an independent body to run it a proper drug testing agency not Ukad ex Uk Sport who are the same body with a different name. The same people who told me they could not stop energy drugs or work rate has managers call a shock result. This is a stark lesson to all fans the more you crow the bigger the backlash we enjoyed goading Arsenal but i knew when the gobby Pole said we would finish higher than Spurs when the gap was 10 points i knew what he meant when Ferguson said Spurs could win the league he really meant they have no chance. The moral to my tale is this call Harry King and Co and enjoy when we win but if you hear a gobby player like Howson saying we can beat Spurs then take him seriously because i no what he means .We don’t need a top manager or a big owner we just need better Fa better Refs and assistants. But the most important thing is January’s window nailed down and shut for good. Gobby players tested before and after Games and we will keep those ten points in tacked till the endi no 100 percent Harry and 442 did not beat Spurs i was Work rate d if we are not ready for it Chelsea will do what Norwich did press us allover the pitch and win. This is because two of there players are from the team i no had fantastic work rate. These are the other teams who have players from the Duracell Bunnies Arsenal Newcastle Barcelona Madrid now that’s a lot of work rate

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