Bust Up Rumour : Ade Quit Before QPR Game #HarryOut

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Good evening. I’m not Max Clifford as you know, I can barely hold water let alone a tale.

So what I initially felt was perhaps loose talk in realation to our dressing room ‘dynamic’, prior to the FA Cup semi appears to have gathered some all too credible pace. 

Hamstring? Adebayor bailed before the QPR game because he was as sick and tired of Redschnapp’s extraordinary mismanagement as the rest of us.

From what I’ve been told this evening, Arry’s, ‘Bale in the middle etc’ rubbish against QPR – despite common sense on a ‘tight’ pitch …was pretty much a fit of pique from the imbecile who’s insanely high management wages we pay.

Sauces? Suffice it to say, neither HP or Heinze. 


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  • Sirled says:

    What a load of horseshit!

  • Sirled says:

    What a load of horsesh#t!

    • nipper says:

      ….agreed. ‘Arry might be rubbish, but the idea of Ade refusing to play for £170K a week is a joke….when he arrived he was all gushing about ‘Arry, and Spurs were playing the best footie in the PL (according to him) now you’re saying he won’t play ‘cos of ‘Arry’s management style? He’s a prima donna and can feck off with the rest of them, its a bent game (actually give us Bent back!)…next year we will have a totally unrecognisable team with a new manager…..but NOT PLEATY please, HH you got that all wrong….

  • Milky Bar Yid says:

    Let’s hope we get shot and England choose someone else…..baggy bollock face in the dole queue would be lovely

  • nobby nobbs says:

    The FA want him sacked no compo.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    We should suspend redknapp for Grass Misconduct.

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