Eunice On The Mend & Training Pitch Bust Up Caption Competiton

Image for Eunice On The Mend & Training Pitch Bust Up Caption Competiton

Good news?

Surely not?! Tom Collomosse on the Evening Standard is running with a positive piece on the recovery of Eunice Kaboom. The suggestion is that the French Goliath could be back for the Blackburn game.

Standard Sport understands the Frenchman’s knee is now responding well to treatment and that it is possible he will start working with the first-team squad again this week.

Let’s hope this is the case.  The article finishes on the note the Danny Rose would step in for the injured Benny Ekotto.

In the week that the word on the street is that we’ve had handbags on the training pitches, it might be an opportune moment to have a chuckle.

The winner of the funniest captions wins the adoration of their peers. No substitute prizes or cash alternatives available.

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  • melcyid says:

    JB You were miles offside AGAIN!!Now go and get the ball.
    JD I was never offside,any way if I was you lot should tell me what the rules are.
    JB I’ve got balls.

    • melcyid says:

      KB :cop: :whistle:

      • melcyid says:

        JD look arry told me to hang around offside and one day the ref wont see it and we’ll be sorted.
        CA Go and do one wiv Twitchy.
        KB yeh glad I dont have to pick him up any more hes always late and makes me pay for petrol to London

      • melcyid says:

        CA :cop: :whistle: :whistle:

  • JP says:

    On another note I have heard from a Spurs ‘source’ that the Redknapp England deal was done 3 months ago and Bale, Modric and 1 other are off as well…

  • TMWNN says:

    Redknapp out!

    • hoofing says:

      So it would seem…..he’s lost the dressing room and dare I say it…..the fans. Now we only need the media to say it.

  • ricksmg says:

    JD: Who are all these people?
    CA: Those are the squad players.
    KB: I can never remember their names either.

  • Ken Hay says:

    On yet another note, couldn’t we borrow Peanut back- he could pretend to be Benny for a while.

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