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Good evening.

There are very few certainties in life. You know the usual gags of course. Death, taxes, nurses…

But one certainty that we all too frequently overlook is the arrogance of stupid people. So this blog is dedicated to Arry Redschnapps. One of the most transparently stupid people the world has ever known.

Roy Hodgson has been formally approached by the FA.

Arry, thanks for the 3 points today but history will remember you as a bloke that once won an FA Cup with a no mark club. 


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  • A_Felching says:

    Priceless, does this mean we are stuck with the clown

    • bruxie says:

      Couldn’t sell him to the FA more like!

      Shameful of the FA to act as they have.
      I hope Levy and the press give them hell about the way they have derailed our season.

    • Hamish says:

      History will record that he will be our manager next season.

      The question you and the rather bitter and confused Mr Hotspur have to ask is this: was Harry offered the job first? If he was then that is significant.

      There is only one reason he would turn it down and that is because our Chairman has made him an offer he can’t refuse. Of course it is always possible that they went for Roy as first choice. I doubt it.

      I would look forward to the slow and embarrassing volte face from HH should the team do rather well next season under the apparently clueless Mr Redknapp. However I won’t be here.

      This blog has transformed from a really rather witty and erudite oasis into to a yob’s paradise. I’m afraid, H, you have dropped in my estimation. You are clearly a very bright bloke – but you’ve become too pleased with yourself – too puffed up on the adoration of the gang of sycophants who blow smoke up your self-satisfied rectum at every opportunity. Reason has deserted you and you’ve become about as predictable and cheap as any old fat bloke down the pub.

      Before you bother with some terribly childish put down – don’t bother. I’m voting with my mouse and not returning to what has become a haven for morons.

      Good luck to you and your devoted mob. There used to be a decent blog round here…

      • Alex says:

        Well said that man, couldn’t agree more.

        Sick of all this ridiculous poisonous hate for a man who has – though not to say the easiest or straight forward way – brought our club from a mediocre has been, to one that for half a season was pushing for the title. And in so many, and at times my own, of Spurs’ fans warped deluded minds there has been an arrogance to feel that we should always be up at the top as kings of the premier league once more as if it was our right. Well I’m afraid it isn’t. We are not the team we once were, but at times over the past few season since under a certain Mr Redchnapps as you so lovingly name him, we have looked like that team of the glory days.

        These things do not happen over night, or in one season. Sure, we have dropped a considerable amount of points in the business end of this season and Harry has made questionable tactical decisions of late, but a lot of that is also down to the players. The season is also not yet over so perhaps you really ought to think again before jumpIng on the lynch mob’s band waggon and think about where we are now compared to the dreaded mid table team we have been for so many years.

        Get over yourself, grow up, and support the team you love through the good and the bad, if not piss off with those Steve Kean hating Blackburn lot because it’s people like you who give us fans a bad name.


        • larsbo says:

          Mighty fine manager to get to the giddy heights of 3rd bottom in the form league with arguably the best squad in the division – still can’t beat a good dose of blind loyalty from many of the fans.

          For any Harry fans out there you’ll be sure to tune in to watch him in the Jackanory hot seat. Enjoy his stirring renditions of the Emperor’s New Clothes, The Boy that Cried Wolf and his personal favourite – The Pied Piper.

        • Phil McAvity says:

          the best squad in the division

          Which division is that then?

        • Tel says:

          Long division?

        • ndg71 says:

          well said, First time on the blogs for a long time as every one on here thinks they are bloody manager. Harry has been great for this club and hope he stays for a long long time..been brill last few years.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Always make me laugh (you know, like a deluded hyena when the ‘this blog used used to’ line is trotted out.

        It’s always done by sniffy types who

        1. Can’t cope with opinions that differ from their own

        2. Can’t separate talking online from real life.

        If you have an argument of any weight, then make it. Sh*t or get off the pot. But whining about views you ‘don’t like’ doesn’t make for a good read.

        See what I did there?

        • Bobbles says:

          You know what H, he did have an argument of weight, and I think he made it quite clearly. I think for some of us your Harry Out campaign can go a bit far sometimes.

          The fact is we are now stuck with him, so assuming we’re going to get slim variety on the same theme here for another 12 months then maybe you actually should think about changing the record.

        • Liamyid says:

          Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but you think people are not going to get annoyed with your constant Harry bashing? It gets boring and more than that feels like you enjoy it, like you get all smug when you get the chance to yet again let him have it both barrels. I’m not saying you do, but you it feels like it. Hamish and Alex make good points and it seems quite a few agree, their opinion is your being a twat, a smug one at that. There’s a little bit of truth in most opinions, and maybe you should consider other peoples before you write a article like this, it’s not informative, clever or well thought out, it’s just a way to stroke your ego. What do you want, ‘well done HH, you were right all along’… Give a rest.

          • Harry Hotspur says:

            Liam, I get your point. But as I stated previously (in vain it appears) don’t worry about other comments, or ‘me’, just get on with making your own observations.

            This blog is a very inclusive one.
            I won’t tolerate opinion being suffocated, nor will I tolerate any allegations to the contrary.

            If you think Arry is good stuff, then mount a cogent argument.
            If anyone’s opinion is challenged, I always try to ensure it is questioned fairly.

            Equally, ‘you all hate Arry’ is an unsustainable comment. If you have a point, get on with it. Who cares what others think?

        • paddington says:

          Expessing an opinion doesnt necessarily make for interesting reading either. This especially so when it is repetitive, caustic, and lacking insight or reasoning.

          Criticizing a blog which to be successful will typically be strewn with stories sharing those qualities, can be somewhat worth reading -especially if it motivates the bloggers return to substance which at one time was thoughtful, witty, etc….see what i did there?

      • shannon says:


      • Enorme Nuez says:

        Hodgson’s contract expires in the summer. The expected fee the FA would have to pay Spurs to get Redknapp was around £10m.

    • SpursKing says:

      We are not only stuck with a clown , but an Harrogant sick clown who ruin the dreams of billions of Spurs fans.But Levy has to blame , the cheapest president we ever had , Alan Sugar is at least Spurs fan….
      I quit Facebook because of this sick clown and i lost some nerves cuz of him , f u again.
      So i wanted to add there is a conspiracy theory wich i believe in theres scenario in Premiership that people “would” enjoy a thrilling season , actually it was cheap circuss so i think i ‘ll stop watching Premiership , not worth to watch Alex Ferguson company’s show being a Spurs fan this is anti-football.

  • dutchman says:

    Which makes us stuck..? Don’t hope so!!

  • CLaw says:

    Our worst fears have been realised. We could end up missing out on CL football and being stuck with Redknapp.

    Or, being positive, we get CL football and we get rid of our tight lipped supremo.

    Time will tell!

  • xildnparadise says:

    This certainly goes under the I’ve got good news, I’ve got bad news…… We certainly looked more settled today but against truly token opposition…read somewhere that it was the first PL game since 2004 where a team did not have one attempt…..

  • Phil McAvity says:

    HH, it seems to me that he’s not the stupid one, he’s still got a multi-million pound contract.

    It also seems to me that the stupid people are the one’s who thought they were shot of him already!!

    Who’s laughing now I wonder?

    • spurious says:

      Spot on Phil, the amount of absolute clowns who’ve come on here saying it’s a foregone conclusion that he’ll get the England job, despite the fact that he’s a gob on a stick and a controversy magnet. Laughable.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        Who said it was a foregone conclusion he’d get the England job?

        I’m just hoping the idiot goes, and am not bothered about how he goes, or the way it’s handled myself.

        • spurious says:

          Did I mention that you were one of the ‘absolute clowns’? still, you seem to think you are, so if the cap fits.
          As I’ve made clear previously, I don’t post for you and would rather not reply to you.
          Do one!

        • MysteriousStranger says:


          I didn’t say it was a foregone conclusion he’d get the job, so how am I one of those clowns?

          It is a foregone conclusion he wanted the job though. :whistle:

          And you should know by now I’m not going to do one just ‘cos someone who hasn’t even finished his Farleys yet tells me to.

        • Essexian76 says:

          Laughing my flippin’ head off, as once again I’m right and you TMWNN or MS are wrong as per usual yet again-Jeeze no wonder you’re always in the bookie chasing lost causes, unlike me-quids in and hopefully more on the way-and feeling really very smug indeedy!

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Another quality post.

        • Essexian76 says:

          Thank you kind Sir, for it makes me happy, very happy that a cretin like you and your glove puppet are looking as stupid as the inane posts you constantly put on here.
          Told you that one cannot turn down or accept anything that’s not been offered and Levy in turn cannot negotiate for compensation for the self same reason!
          Try a little clear thinking in future and consider your backside well and truly spanked by your master-again, cue temper tantrum to the tune of ‘Alive and Kicking’ and insert smiley of course :heart:

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