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Good morning.

A novelty item and so straight to our friends psychological case studies down the road in Woolwich.

Two brothers have been banned for eight years, yes eight years from the Emptycrates after an altercation over ‘standing up’ escalated into an incident where the pair were restrained by coppers HERE.

The charges ranged from abusive behaviour to causing fear of violence and in addition to the bans the dastardly duo picked up fines totalling a little over a grand.

Was this harsh? Well, I’m not privy to the specifics of just how they instilled a fear of violence. Making threats to kill can land you in jail, so presumably it was less nasty than that. Something between, ‘You’re bally well heading for a bunch of fives!’ and, ‘You’re gonna get striped right up the wrong un you slag!’

Now I get get being told to sit down. I like everyone sat down. I’d go to more games if there were comfy chairs or at least cushions provided. My will to live drains when the, ‘Stand up if you hate Arsenal’ gets an airing. I’ve heard the argument/excuse it’s a way of outfoxing the stewards – but to what purpose? 

That song has all the wit and imagination of Jeremy Kyle’s haircut.

Standing up when the action reaches fever pitch is of course natural, good honest and right. But otherwise it’s completely selfish. I can just about and I mean just about cope with some idiot insisting travelling to a football ground and buying a seat next to me in order to noisely slug back a tuna bagel, but I draw the line at paying to watch a football match and only getting to see bits of it thanks to some pilchard with an attention deficit disorder. 

I don’t believe that several thousand people all on their feet as Azza cuts into the penalty area and weaves past a defender is the nub of the matter.

It’s the thoughtlessness and arrogance of the few that believe that rules don’t apply to them ‘cos they’re at a football match. Like they’ve entered some magic kingdom where it’s somehow alright to do as they please.

Bless ’em. 

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  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    To be honest going over the Lane lost a bit of its magic to me when I lost the option to stand,but rules is rules and a game at Spurs turns everybody into a jack in the box.
    Obviously the 2 goons should be shot,their goons aren’t they.

    • Dazza London says:

      To be honest I’m a stander. My ST is on the Shelf and I probably stand about 60 mins of the average game, only sitting down when the stewards go on a “power trip” and really go after us to sit. Usually they let us stand for the most part.
      The thing that strikes me is that since sitting has been compulsory the atmosphere has decreased dramatically. My example is do you ever see a choir singing sitting down. It is biologically easier to sing loudly with you standing up as seated you are compressing your diaphragm.
      The seated law came in after several tragedies and
      as I am old enough to have been a steward behind the goals at “Old Wembley” I’d not want to see a return of terraces but I do want the clubs to be able to have safe standing areas, or at least let us stand in front of our seats in designated areas. That way if people want to sit, they can. Those of us that want to stand can then do so without blocking the view of the seated

  • Seated Spurs says:

    Well said, sit down if you love tottenham ;)

    • Liamyid says:

      It goes both ways. People who wish to sit should never buy a seat in the east or south lower. Whereas people who want to stand for anything but a goal shouldnt buy a ticket in the west, north or any higher tier. There’s unwritten rules which cannot be written as the line is ‘all seater’ but without the fans who stand and sing we’d have an atmosphere like Arsenal. I appreciate everyone’s right to watch the game how they wish, but each side seems to despise the other. The ‘sitters’ are thought of as boring, old, prawn sandwich wankers, whereas the ‘standers’ are thought of as thuggish, load mouthed idiots. The thing is, we all share the love for Spurs and need eachothers. The ‘standers’ need the prawn sandwich brigade to spend £4k a year on their cosy west stand season tickets and bring their corporate friends to bring the money. And without the ‘standers’ WHL wouldnt be known for its great atmosphere and that would rub off in the players who love playing there! Let’s all just get along! ;-)

      • Decspur says:

        I agree when in the south lower the away fans stand the whole game as do we and no one says a word. From what I’ve been told that was how it was for my banned goony pal, he was in the last seat next to a standing away city crowd. Also everyone around him in the home end was standing, just like we would in the Park lane.

  • BrizzleSpur says:

    I think it’s one thing to be obnoxious and rude to other fans and stewards, but supporting Arsenal? That’s just taking the piss.

  • Ledge says:

    Bring back terracing. Give people the choice.

  • crespur says:

    The club should monitor the serial stand-up acts (on cctv) and upon season ticket re-newal banish these inconsiderate vertical morons to the back rows of WHL… sound fair?

    • Alspur says:

      I used to stand on the back row of the Shelf and I wouldn’t swap my “seat” for all the tea in China…

      I had a great view, didn’t obstruct anyone else’s, sang/shouted as much as I was able and loved every minute of it…

      Come on you back row Spurs!!! ;)

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