Listen To Kyle Walker’s R&B Tune Here!

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On an upbeat note Kyle Walker has been announced as the winner of The PFA Young Player Of The Year Award. 

He beat Bale, Welbeck, Sturridge, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aguero.

I’ve been critical of Walker. I’m an old fashioned boy and have these crazy thoughts flash through my head when I hear a guy is a defender, I expect that to be his specialist area.

Yes he has pace. But it you went to see your GP with a sore throat and he gave you a prescription for verruca ointment you wouldn’t immediately think, ‘Okay, but I bet he has a mean 200m PB.’ 

I note in some negative comments left on over this. The churlish suggestion being that he only won because he was very young (I know, you couldn’t make it up) and because he was English. The glaring truth of course is that he won because he’s been selected to play a lot for a high flying side that’s played some excellent football for most of the season. 

Let’s hope that Kyle stays focused on improving as a defender.

Track contains one grown up swear word.

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  • ric says:


    Walker, Parker, Kaboul,

    Thats the types for future Spurs!

  • crespur says:

    Da,da,da,da.da.da,da,da Batmannnnnnnn… I thought that was what the R&B tune was going to be, i suppose at least Robin won something.

  • lecoqhardi says:

    Sorry to return to The Theme.
    Been trying to avoid all media coverage but my eyes strayed inexorably to our Tight-lipped Supremo’s comment post-QPR.
    “I only had one striker and two centre halves fit.”
    And who’s fault is that, you idiot? Maybe the manager who has a good young CB at Swansea and decided to sign an old CB with injuries to replace the young CB he sent out on loan to Wolves. And who signed an ageing forward with a history of injuries to replace Pav.
    Is he doing this deliberately or is he genuinely and utterly thick?

    • nipper says:

      right on….at least Pav is happy now, and playing well

    • james says:

      Also if we only have one senior sticker available why don’t he do what any other good manager would do and show Faith in are youth….. Lancaster

  • abe says:

    I saw Harry moaning about squad strength. Well if you buy 2 golden oldies, you cannot expect them to be fit often (especially since they came with history of injuries) and then he let Corluka, Bassong, Pienaar, Townsend and Pav go (either sold or on loan). And how we were not in the game for Cisse I don’t know. i am sure Harry will come out soon on how we could have had him but we had XYZ.

    • Anthony says:

      Even the guy Everton bought from Rangers Jelavic would have been a useful option. We even let young Harry Kane go out loan and although he is obviously a work in progress he has scored a few for Millwall, a few of them absolute belters. Surely we could have given the lad a chance to an obviously well known injury plagued, wrong side of 30 type. Something at Spurs is clearly very very wrong and it looks like a lot of poor decisions during the current management set up are now coming home to roost. In central defence we are struggling and we could have picked up better cover without spending fortunes, ust one example is Curtis Davies at Birmingham, he would surely not have cost more than say 5 million aNd he has got experience at Prem level plus he has been in commanding form this season and he is still only mid twenties. If we as fans can these players what are our scouting team doing ?

  • Hartley says:

    I like Kyle Walker…..he’s a Yorkshireman you know, salt of the earth. :daumen:

    • Hartley says:

      as for Arry Redschnapps….he’s not a Yorkshireman, he’s a CNUT!

    • Kash says:

      He says what he likes and bloody well likes what he says..True Yorkshire man

      • cyril says:

        mr spurs left yorkshire aged 17 and was effectively with us for the rest of his life, apart from a brief exit for the war and, happily, and even briefer one for the east end

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