Pleaty To Be Installed By Tea Time Tomorrow

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It’s the only conceivable solution.

If anyone can mount a legitimate counter argument for this imbecile being allowed to continue to draw a managers salary from THFC, then please please talk to me…

Bale in the middle, Gallas at right back, Modric on the left wing and Walker as our right winger?! Please. The jig is well and truly up Mr Redschnapps. Pleat will at least provide some semblance of sanity.

Champions League? Sure. Build me a time machine and I’ll discuss the chances with you. Arry has almost certainly cost us all the sum of our parts equaled and he must go.

Roman Abramovich,  for all the perceived faults of his footballing operations consistently sends out a clear message to his fans. ‘I like you, expect more.’ You have to respect that. You have to. Even if you quite understandably abhor his playing staff.

Arry did work wonders. But did is in the past tense.  The tactical ineptitude of our soon to be binned manager has now reached unacceptable proportions.

Bring in David Pleat by tea time tomorrow and let’s send out a message.

We’re Tottenham.

We’re from The Lane.


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  • a_felching says:

    Good call

  • Savio says:

    I wish he’d gone to jail.

    • me says:

      i hate his stupid droopy fucking face more and more by the minute. (i’m pissed btw)
      i hope he resigns……
      the prospect of getting fired with a year left on your contract sounds fantastic to me! what a pay day!!!!
      also the deal that he has with the FA so that they don’t have to activate the break clause means that they can afford to pay him more. oh no! shock horror!
      I was shit, then they paid me more!!! wow I’m so lucky……….

      F&ck off you saggy faced c&nt.
      i hope you twitch yourself to death tonight. FUCK YOU.

      (Harsh I know, but seriously…. f*ck him up his twitchy f&cking arse)

      I’ve had enough.

  • Big Chud says:

    At this rate, and assuming neither Levy boots him out or he leaves now via the FA delusional invite, then his replacement will be able to beat his “2 points from 8 games” rhetoric with “6 points from 13 games”. Which is far worse in my humble opinion.

  • C.O.T.I says:

    Got to agree H, Harry’s taken us as far as he can and his short comings as a tactical manager are holding us back.

  • Frank Outlaw says:

    Totall agree H………absolute disaster-looks like he has lost us CL & the dressing room

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