Date: 7th April 2012 at 2:52pm
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Good afternoon.

No, me neither. I’m not quite sure was the most futile investment of my time today. Having to stand in the same room as a property agent who thought she was having a conversation with me as she was talking or sit and watch our lot wander about aimlessly for the bulk of 93 minutes.

Old man Steptoe’s line in Live Now, P.A.Y.E. Later, ‘We was lions …led by donkeys’ when describing the gruesomeness of trench warfare to a tax inspector sprang to mind. About 50 times…

Yes, Chris Foy was irritating. But in this pre video technological age in which we live it’s about as useful as saying rain is a bit wet. But to to review this game as a homage to Martin O’Neil would be ridiculous.

fannying about everywhere apart from where he should have been was insufferable. I’m sick of him being indulged. The consequences of this ego driven clown is we get A&E as our left winger. A wonderful character, but a man employed to be a bloody defender.

On the right, Field Marshall Redschnapps also supports the insane notion that is fit to be our right winger. Again, another man in, ‘beyond pay grade territory.’ 

Or do you see every player in the Lilywhite as a potential ‘Hollywood’ player? I’d be fascinated to hear that argument.  Jesus wept.

The sooner the man that buried Portsmouth, did his best to wreck and is now making a concerted effort to scupper us is gone the better.

‘Oh but he’s been a revelation! You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!’ 

The revelation is that this squad would have achieved more this season with Ian Dowie in charge. Dowie’s a man as thick as congealed paint but even he would would have told Bale to naff of with the Ronaldo impressions that don’t , will never work. And are wasting everyone’s time.

The charge against is failing to manage. He’s been found guilty, yet again.

The England job? Yes please. He’s so lost in the Lollypop Land fantasy of it all he genuinely thinks ’s waiting for him in some secret mahogany lined room at the with a half of Watney’s Red Barrel and a wink and smile for him.

Redschnapp’s substitutions stank to high heaven of inadequacy.  They were too late…

might, just might muddle through to a spot. If they do, Arry will win only 2nd Prize In A Beauty Contest as Kenny Dalglish scored 1st prize for the magnificent, no historic win against Cardiff.