Date: 20th April 2012 at 10:17am
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Good morning.

Our players won’t have been looking forward this. I’m not looking forward to this and the full extent of my involvement will be nudging the volume up and liberating something ice cold and imported from the Frigidaire. 

QPR have made a mess of things. The chilling words of Neil Warnock, ‘I’ll remember where I left QPR …in the Premiership.’ may become indelibly   tattooed on Tony Fernandez’s mind come the last day of the season.

Warnock may not be to everyone’s taste, but I still rate him and if left to manage with half decent resources he’d probably be a better than good manager.

Mark Hughes has his gang delicately poised 3 points above the burn outs that are Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves. My point being that this is wounded beast territory. Never more so than with QPR. Their form has fallen into a very simple pattern. They lose away and win at home. Their last 3 scalps being Swansea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

I chatting to a fan on Sunday about this and we both agreed that psychologically the pitch at Loftus Road appears narrower. It isn’t of course, but the way the ground is laid out it just feels that way. 

So the board then.

fig.1=like a limiter in a car, the rear guard must stay in position. Parker, and Benny aren’t the best men to play forward balls. fig.2=Modric mustn’t get bogged down playing ‘rush defensive mid’ his role must be forward distribution. fig.3&4=go wide and stay wide.

The plan here simple. Try to create space in the final third and take the initiative. This game could deteriorate rapidly into school playground game of punt and run with nobody having either control or a plan. With the ‘wing backs’ muzzled because they simply aren’t good enough at delivery, they can sit deeper and five defensive players ought to be enough.

It’s completely pointless playing into QPR’s hands and letting Azza & Bale ‘drift’ centrally in what will feel like a tight pitch anyway must be stopped. and Saha need service and if it is supplied they have got more than enough to beat Paddy Kenny. 

QPR are where they are because they do not play great football. Not because of bad luck or because they upset the gods. need to step up with a plan and stick to it. A casual approach with some ropy 442 or fielding players who either lack ability or class (hello Ledders and Half Nelsen) is guaranteed to be a waste of everyone’s time. 

Eye-catcher bets from 1-3 Correct score is 12/1, Last goalscorer Saha 11/2 and to win by 2 goals 11/1.