Date: 30th April 2012 at 1:09pm
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Welcome to the player ratings.

Apologies to the purists that had their blogging routine disrupted by the whole Uncle Woy business. But that’s the business we call ‘show’. Here’s my assessment of the runners and riders.

And my thanks to Aaron ‘The Baker’, with whom I watched the game. I hope your Tipana was as delicious as you described it although chicken livers and me have never been close friends. One more goal and we’d have brought William Hill to it’s knees. 

 7.001 Clean sheet

 7.002 Bless him, his children and all his relations past and present for that goal. His performance otherwise was less blessing worthy. 

 6.009 Hardly troubled by the world’s greatest attacking forces.

 6.000 Hammerfoot the movie. 

 4.999 Daft as a brush. Good job this was Blackburn.

 5.999 Another flattering to deceive gig. Fizzed, popped but never really hurt a thoroughly second/third rate side.

 9.100 Oh yeah baby. Good in all sorts of ways. More please…

 7.000 Kind of alright. Against garbage like this I expected more. If I’m allowed to be honest.

 5.888  ‘He plays on the left’, why does he feel that this is such a second class gig? Who cares? Somebody needs to manage him or ship him out. 

 6.999 He’s a gift. Our manager appears to ‘indulge him’ somewhat. There’s a quote about that sort of thing, if my memory serves me right…

 6.777 Disappointing a good few times again but it’s tough to fall out of love with such a selfless player.