The Player Ratings, Just As They Ever Were…

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Welcome to the player ratings.

Apologies to the purists that had their blogging routine disrupted by the whole Uncle Woy business. But that’s the business we call ‘show’. Here’s my assessment of the runners and riders.

And my thanks to Aaron ‘The Baker’, with whom I watched the game. I hope your Tipana was as delicious as you described it although chicken livers and me have never been close friends. One more goal and we’d have brought William Hill to it’s knees. 

 7.001 Clean sheet

 7.002 Bless him, his children and all his relations past and present for that goal. His performance otherwise was less blessing worthy. 

 6.009 Hardly troubled by the world’s greatest attacking forces.

 6.000 Hammerfoot the movie. 

 4.999 Daft as a brush. Good job this was Blackburn.

 5.999 Another flattering to deceive gig. Fizzed, popped but never really hurt a thoroughly second/third rate side.

 9.100 Oh yeah baby. Good in all sorts of ways. More please…

 7.000 Kind of alright. Against garbage like this I expected more. If I’m allowed to be honest.

 5.888  ‘He plays on the left’, why does he feel that this is such a second class gig? Who cares? Somebody needs to manage him or ship him out. 

 6.999 He’s a gift. Our manager appears to ‘indulge him’ somewhat. There’s a quote about that sort of thing, if my memory serves me right…

 6.777 Disappointing a good few times again but it’s tough to fall out of love with such a selfless player.

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  • johnhalloween says:

    agree on rose. He has a long way to go. Against better teams with bale off having a fag somewhere he will be cruelly exposed. His distribution is very poor. I cant help thinking that aside from a world class goal from Walker we struggled against a team who didnt turn up. Not a confidence booster for me.

    • Phil McAvity says:

      Apart from not scoring enough where exactly did we struggle? It was the easiest game I think we will ever see to be honest.

      • Chirpy says:

        We didn’t struggle, but then Blackburn were helpfully poor; it was difficult to judge, but I know what johnh means. Despite our dominance in terms of possession we didn’t really offer the threat or display the ‘tenacity’ we should have. Cheatski put a shambolic QPR to the sword – we might have swept the ball around nicely but why didn’t we do that to Blackburn? Did our performance re-instil sufficient confidence for Bolton on Wednesday?

        I was happy to see Kaboul and Gallas though.

    • DAVSPURS says:

      Still we have no regular goal threat the only other players who can score are sacrificial lambs for Van .I no there are fans on here who think our best team is 4411 or 451 but it lacks the one thing we need to win goals. The games we have won other players have scored wonder goals Walker twice Ekotto Bale Modric Van. Our leading scorer is still benched Defoe who was on fire when he had plenty of game time now six mins is all he gets and Saha none. The missing link for me is big Tom Hudds i would have bet my Bollocks he would have made Goals for all three strikers and some of our midfielders. This would have been my team Walker Kaboul Gallas or a fitter King Lennon Hudds Modric Bale Parker or Sandro Ady Defoe. To beat Bolton we need Ady and Van Modric or another player to justify 4411 352 would do me while Benny is injured Rose is under cooked and a left winger low on confidants he will be a good player given time

    • mattspurs says:

      Rose has a long way to go – indeed. Anywhere would suit me. He just isn’t good enough and we’ve seen quite a bit of him now. Personally wanted to see Bale at LB yesterday.

  • mynameisluka says:

    Did I see Defoe sneak on at one point and hit a corner flag- surely that deserves a rating?

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I believe that Defoe once auditioned for pantomime – it may have been yesterday

  • Hartley says:

    Sandro… PNB but world class!

    • Phil McAvity says:

      Trouble is he doesn’t play like that every game. A class talent definitely but needs to improve his consistency for me, but to be fair he is still young.

      • Hartley says:

        needs to play to get consistency and the more he has played the better he has looked….

        • Chirpy says:

          ‘The more he plays, the better he gets’ eh, let me write that down… that’s good that is: “Sandra, ‘av you gotta pen ‘andy.”

        • James147 says:

          I think the more he plays the more consistent he looks. Or it could just be that he looks more consistent when he plays regularly, as we consistently have a chance to notice it, whereas when he doesn’t, we don’t. I am aware though that I consistently make the mistake of recognizing consistency where there is none. And the more I look, the more consistently I notice this failing in myself. So in summary: more consistency needed. From me, that is. What were we talking about again?

        • Hartley says:

          Your attempt at humour by repeating one word has never been done before…….congratulations :winke: :shifty:

    • DAVSPURS says:

      He is a sick looking fucker and i could see him flying out the window in the dead of night and biting some bitches neck. His best performance since he was rumbled for flogging Bale to Barca via Danny Aleves in his native tongue.

    • SpursSince67 says:

      My sentiments entirely Hartley, I’ve long been worried that an exciting passionate foreign talent like his will get wasted in HRs hands by not getting enough time on the pitch. Agreed the opposition attack wasn’t up to much but the truth is Sandro practically snuffed the life out of any attack under development, dare I suggest that he reminds me so much of Big Dave Mackay…cruel that his 6 minute wonder strike rattled the CB.

      Glad that the FA suits have finally broken cover, never a chance in hell they would hire Harry after his dalliance with HM Government, despite getting away with it. The fact they can save money is a smokescreen, they’ve pissed enough of it away in the past.

      The HR huggers are in denial, the tide went out on him for me after the matches with Real last year let alone this years second half of the season meltdown. It’s going to be an agonising Summer watching what evolves….

  • melcyid says:

    I forgot we played yesterday in all the arry excremant/excitment,Nice to win for a change,top top
    free kick and if we were playing a toptop team we would never have been given our first goal even though it was per the 2 non goals that were given to cheatski against us the last 2 seasons.

    • Chrispurs says:

      Not forgetting Chelsea’s two goals against Wigan, that should have been disallowed. 3 points more for Wigan. 3 points less for Cheatski.

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