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Good afternoon.

I was having a ponder, trying to work out who in the long term might replace Chomical Arry and his coaching staff. My mind just couldn’t keep a straight face. The only applications that could might come close would be from The Three Stooges or indeed just about any assortment of black and white slapstick stars.

“I’ll be rooting for Chelsea I want to see an English team win it anyway and I think they can do it.”

Arry Redschnapps April 21st 2012

“I’d be a liar if I said I want Chelsea to win the Champions League. I want Bayern to win it, and I hope they do, for all Spurs fans.”

Arry Redschnapps April 27th 2012

Accusations of the Tottenham supremo’s mind being muddled since the departure of Fabio from the England helm have been poo pooed by his supporters. This u-turn only serves to underline the fact he’s completely lost the plot.

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  • Mr Spiggott says:

    I feel they’ll be a real merry go round of managers this summer.

    Capello in press making noises – I’d take him.

    Moyes, Rogers, and Lambert may be given the opportunity to step up to “next level jobs” and I also think that’s a good thing for the game in this country.

    They always get criticised when linked to spurs for not having the experience, and that’s the equivalent of refusing to employ school leavers for the same reason. Someone needs to take a chance.

    This summer I nearby pledge to be positive about spurs and to NEVER read ITK comments.

    That is all.

    • ric says:

      Moyes, between those! But I think Levy want some more exotic thinking and style. Yes yes I know about Rogers, but he’s too light at this stage!

    • Nikolay Bollukov says:

      You “nearby” pledge? Are you saying you’re pledging, or you’re nearly pledging, so really you’re not pledging at all?

    • Bruxie says:


      You think ‘Arry’s press and tv interviews are bad?

      Capello is a non-english speaking dinosaur. He’d take us to new lows in the team togetherness stakes.

      Taking a chance on someone is tantamount to giving up on the progress of the last couple of years. I really cannot see Lambert, Martinez or Rogers in our dugout. Moyes possibly.

      I want a bit of maturity, experience and imagination. So, I’m probably excluding Moyes too.

      I am at a loss. Don’t mind admitting it. I’m pretty well resigned to another rebuilding project which will do my head in.

      I need inspiration and a target. I want the next big thing to manage Spurs, yet I want a guy who the players will respect and play for.

      I don’t envy Levy. He needs to get rid of ‘Arry – irrespective of him taking the England job – and appoint a winner.

      A mistake this summer and Levy will get the blame for next season, this season and for sacking ‘Arry.

      No wonder things are so quiet at Board level.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        You wouldn’t see Lambert in our dugout, because among other reasons, he’d be standing in the technical area barking orders at the players instead of sitting there thinking the game was 90% about players and 10% about tactics.

      • Andy says:

        You want a winner? Capello is one of the greatest club managers of all time! He’s won a league or champions league wherever he’s been. It’s an international squad ffs, he would make himself understood. He wasn’t even that bad with England apart from the wc debacle

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    ‘I don’t remember people like Martin Peters getting rotated, and they played in ankle-deep mud in those days.’ Arry’s presser today.

    Maybe, players today are trying to avoid having to replace hips and knees in later life…

    • emspurs says:


      probably the only manager working who doesn’t realize that players run twice the distance in a game than they did in martin peters day, and that the running they do do is at higher intensity.

      but you know, fearless leader was never very good at reading, or numbers, or seeing that every one of his best players is completely knackered.

  • Jay says:

    Redknapp is dislexic, simply thick.

    How about AVBoas to replace him, he wernt given a chance at Chelsea because he wanted shot of Drogba, Lamps and Terry which led to a revolt but at our side he will be excellent…..433 quick football with a high line that would suit Kaboul, Ekotto and Walker…..Bale and Lennon can be used as wide attackers and 3 in the middle will mean we arent suseptable to the likes of the dangerous Norwich or QPR lol

  • Jim says:

    Moyes, Moyes, Moyes, Moyes

    the only candidate, simple as that.

  • TriniSpurs says:

    What is Lippi doing these days?

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