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Based upon a lengthy conversation I had with a fellow Yidologist, Mr Martin Crawford PLC …forget garlic bread. Here’s the future. Or at the very least a hopefully rather compelling argument for a good one.

One of the bugbears of the last campaign for lots and lots of people was the whole Gareth Bale free role fiasco. And so here’s a pretty interesting solution. 

The start point is that you can’t legislate for lunatics. You know Bale has consistently done well on the left, I know Bale has consistently done well on the left.But Our absentee manager and the young man himself with his pursuit of his ‘vision’ seemingly cannot be told. When I say cannot be told, I don’t mean they fail to heed the advice of two bob bloggers, I mean there were two major instances of Spurs supporters watching live games singing this sentiment. 

So, instead of moaning about it, let’s embrace and exploit the madness to THFC’s advantage!?

Bale’s primary negatives from the last season include his unwillingness to defend and his fixation with adopting a more central role. Agreed? Triffic. We’re on our way…

So let’s put him where he believes he needs to be. The boy has insane pace, great stamina, he’s better than good in the air and his runs at – whoever the other lot might be – cause mayhem. His accuracy on goal is ordinarily excellent and if he were settled in the central role suggested, it would surely only improve further. 

The kernel of the ‘Bale problem’ as such has been that him drifting in has left us with Benny as a winger (a position for which he wasn’t hired for; nor is he qualified to do) and congested. 

The answer is Adam Johnson. The guy is class act and one that would be a great fit for us. A talented player who would be well worth the paltrey £10m – £15m that would probably secure his services.

With this man on the wing, the Bale ‘vision’ would not just be indulged in an Ad hoc manner but be properly supported and could be translated into 20+ goals a season.

Bale could well fulfill his ambitions with us. But that won’t happen without us a thinking, embracing and manipulating matters to our advantage. I think this is a plan. BIOYC!


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  • nobby nobbs says:

    That formation may well see Pienaar return and play where Johnson guests.

  • CptCaveman says:

    I thought you were on a wind up at first…but the more I think about it, the more I like. We will miss Moderic’s eye for a pass but the pace of the attack would put the shivers up any team. Obviously Bales crossing is second to none, but Johnson could be a good back up plan, and hes not scared to take people on.

    • Yid at work says:

      You see it makes sense, it’s what we in the know commonly call plan B… And therein lies the problem ! Arry R the cheekie chappie and media darling, the tax evading scoundrell that he is doesn’t have a Plan B .. I’d go as far to say more often than not he doesn’t have Plan A

      I worry for us next season… Now’s there talk of Thud almost fit…. where’d we play him ? I’d like to see him slot back in the CH position with Kaboul….

      • webby says:

        i have always thought that was his natural position,some fine tutition from the king could pull off a master stroke

  • Pierre says:

    How did you fix that fantastic graphics?

  • spurs'd right off says:

    Sorry, doesn’t Adam J play right wing?
    Wasn’t it Ary playing players out of possition that left us in this mess?

    • seattlespursguy says:

      He’s played both, but he’s left-footed.

    • Jack Large002 says:

      No, he is a left winger, idiot

      • DaveYid says:

        Adam Johnson – Right winger, left-footed.
        Give him a few more years and he’ll be England’s very own Lionel Messi. However, Manchester City are reluctant to do anymore deals with us. Especially as we are top-four rivals and Johnson is a great asset.

        Johnson is one of those players who I really really admire, but at the same time one I wouldn’t want to see rotting on the bench while Bale continues on the left…

  • CptCaveman says:

    What worries me is when I see Jamie Redknapp on TV saying the side works much better when Bale plays on the left…WTF isnt he saying this to his Dad?? I dont mind Bale having an occasional wander but Bennys crossing just isnt good enough.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I think you’ve struck a chord there mate with the whole ‘arrogance’ issue. If your own son can spot the flaw, why the hell aren’t you doing anything one way or another about it?!

      • BrisbaneSpur says:

        Lets compare Arry to one of our grandparents for a second. Ask yourself:
        Does your dear old granny listen to any of their children about anything ever? In fact do they ever listen to anyone bar themselves (and possibly Esther Rantzen). The answer you wil all get to is a flat NO WAY JOSE !! Arry’s no different, he’s just like that stubborn grandpa that contuinues to drive his car down one way streets and blame the council workers and continues to use his manual push ‘non electric’ lawn mower instead of the the spanking new (bought for christmas in 1997) pimped up fly mow still sitting in its pristine box, despite his emphasimia…. Aint going to get any better guys…

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