Benny Just Made It Into My All Time Top 5 Comedians

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Good afternoon.

I instinctively like A&E. Not the world’s greatest footballer, but arguably the coolest left back in the west. It’s a dog eat dog world and those hanging upon the every word of ‘footballers’ sometimes forget they have entered into a world where John Terry’s ethical compass is broken but not uncommon.

I like Benny because he doesn’t pretend.  No newspaper clippings of Spurs ‘greats’ became oiled at their corners then dried out as the Blutak stuck then decayed over time on his bedroom wall.

He freely acknowledges that he’s a jobbing footballer who to his absolute credit gives his up most wherever he lays his hat. 

That said, there will be some who’s nest has been poked by his latest comments. 

“Everything is possible, when I met the chairman last January he told me that, if a club bigger than Tottenham came in for me, he wouldn’t necessarily be against my departure. 

If there is a change at Tottenham – some more money is made available – I wouldn’t be against the idea of staying, but otherwise I’ll try to move forwards, as I did when I left Lens.”

Fair fecks to him is what I say. If Levy & Co. don’t think he’s worth a deal, then that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  But the next bit puts him right up there, for me…

“I have a gentleman’s agreement with the chairman. As he is a man of his word, I hope that will make things easier if a great club comes in.”

I cannot believe after the, ‘no like chicken badge’ fiasco with that Croatian knitwit that Benny didn’t know what he was saying. Genius. 

Now who’s in your Top 5 comedian list? To be honest I never gave it any genuine thought before now… Sellers is there, then…

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  • daytripper11 says:

    Let the Danny Rose era at LB begin!

    • Pete J says:

      Please do not let the Danny Rose era at LB begin.

    • At least the Danny Rose error is over for this season. Any of our 1st team defensive mids can provide better cover for Benny. Somehow I don’t see a big payday in Benny’s immediate future.

    • Happy hamster says:

      Let Danny rose era begin .
      Are you on medication the era started and finished on Sunday
      We need Modric and his chicken feet out bring in Erasmus elm Swedish mf he unlike Modric passes and wait for it scores goals .
      Junior hiolet cover for Lennon and vergoteon cover for every injury prone cb .
      Thanks to Harry we will be needing 4 new strikers after Defoe and the workhorse (ho ho) leave.
      Can you see us having the money to buy lloriente cavani damiao

      • wilboid says:

        The Danny Rose era was over as soon as he scored that unbelievable goal against Arsenal a few years back, thanks Danny, but now you’ve peaked, it’s all downhill from here.

      • Old Joe says:

        Happy Hamster – Vertoegen as ‘cover’ ??? Vertoegen – if we get him, and i dont think we will – is better than any defender at the club.
        And despite being on a free, I would SWAP Hoillet for Lennon and his zig-zag go nowhere with no cross runs.

        And after Martin Jol’s revenge at the weekend which will dump as 5th, you can kiss goodbye to any signings of that calibre. Cheers ‘Arry!

  • mynameisluka says:

    Benny says LOL!

  • Jol 5:5 says:

    Hey kids, plug into the faithless
    Maybe they’re blinded
    But Bennie makes them ageless
    We shall survive, let us take ourselves along
    Sir Elton – Benny & The Jets

    I love the way he doesn’t so much tackle the opposition as gets into a tangle with them – from whcih he is usually very successful in emerging with the ball. He regains possession an amazing amount of the time. I also love the curved forty yard passes along the turf that are always two feet out of reach for the opponent.

    But…after that Danny tackle on Hutton…he’s slipped back in the pecking order. Rose began to take on the appearance of a Pit Bull as he was led from the pitch.

  • larrydayid says:

    PSG have tapped him up!

  • mynameisluka says:

    as was alluded to earlier-

    “I have a gentleman’s agreement with the chairman. As he is a man of his word, I hope that will make things easier if a great club comes in.”
    LOL!- sorry Benny, best of luck with that one ol’ son!

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