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Hotspur’s Half Hour, the online Tottingham shaped radio show that will turn words into a contact sport is now in the final furlong of of production. If we were horses the RSPCA would have pulled the plug some time ago.

One of the unique elements will be to embrace the mighty Lilywhites global support and so whilst we will be talking Tottenham with some of the men that wore our shirt, our aim is to make one or two of you ‘orrible lot household names too!

It couldn’t be easier if we popped round to your house. Which we’re not going to do, by the way.

To be a Vox Pop all you need to do is record your shout out on the idiot proof Audioboo and send it to Something like, “This is Luigi from Watford saying up the Spurs!” or “Doris from Nigeria here with a message to Gareth Bale, stay on the naffin’ left!”

Alternatively, if you fancy being on the show as guest then let us know. 

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