Date: 3rd May 2012 at 9:40am
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Good morning.

At last something to be passionate about in a positive sense. Bolton was never going to be a straightforward gig but this was a game where the gulf in class thankfully shone through.

Any that were permanently seeing a cloud over Adebayor’s head must surely feel slightly more optimistic about him. 31 games now that have generated 15 goals plus 4 denied by insane officiating. His unselfish play is a delight. His wages must come in under budget, but we must get a deal done. 

is clearly beginning to flourish. It’s essential that he’s kept on the boil over the break. He plays fearlessly, tempered with reason. The beauty is, he compliments Parker. There’s no need to get bogged down in a, ‘which one do we play’ debate. They have much in common but offer different riches. It’s important that they are thought of in this way. 

By contrast, Bale would give an aspirin a headache. 

I’ve used the phrase before, but he clearly has decided that things like tackling and defending in general are things that,’ happen to other people’. It’s endemic of of our current zero coaching policy that this has been allowed to develop. His entire play revolves around some cartoon fantasy he has in his head whereby he takes a ball, makes a quick release and heads off into a central position so he can get himself cued up for a Hollywood finish.

Look I like the guy, but answer me this; could you see Slur Alex, Pep or Jose encouraging this? Last night in fact he managed to counter balance ‘his vision’ by some great on the wing. But this is like the lead guitarist in a band suddenly ‘deciding’ one day he wants to be the lead singer. 

Bolton are going down and they won’t be missed. If Owen Coyle picks a second row with he’ll need more than the power of prayer to save him.

 7.000That style double punch wasn’t clever but otherwise he would’ve breezed any 11+ in the country ….just as long as they didn’t have any questions about coming off his line for crosses.

 4.090Daft as a brush and I remain unconvinced if he’s as useful as one. He’s primarily an athlete, not a footballer.

 7.234If he should get the last remnants of Davis’ DNA washed off him after a week or two with some intense loofa action.

 6.234 He was outfoxed by Petrov maybe twice. His defending makes me nervous. His forward runs may excite 200m fans, but he frequently only clutters up Azza’s space.

 6.235 Not outstanding. But then a mistake free shift isn’t a bad shift. Should’ve had a penalty awarded for the ABH from Wheater.

 8.222 Simply Brazilliant. Just as well given Bale and spent much of the game acting like a pair of freeloaders. More please.

 7.100 Stellar goal. But he failed to achieve the sort of grip on this game you might expect. Not looking like a £40m player when not scoring stellar goals. 

 6.888 Unconvincing display largely due to lack of service. A few forays but when Bale and Kyle encroached he went invisible.

 6.607 Sorely needs coaching. Rapidly becoming a self indulgent tart. Tackling? Playing for others? These are clearly beneath him these days. 

 8.322 Wow. Some delicious passes and always looking to play for others. Class act. More please.

 8.432 Gave it everything and a one of his best showings in the shirt. So pleased he got his goals. Loved the celebration for the first one.