€12.6M Bid In For Vertonghen | Dutch Suggesting Success

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Good afternoon. 

I trust those of you basking in the UK heatwave are taking all necessary precautions this weekend; drinking only where there is table service, sporting knotted hankies when moving out of shaded areas.

News in from yonder tulip shaped window. 

A €12.6m bid is in from us according to and just a hint of speculation that this offer is sufficiently close enough to the €15m that Ajax really wanted. Perhaps then as the author of the Dutch piece suggests, Levy & Co. convinced them to take a little water with their wine. 

Let’s really hope so.

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  • Jeremy says:


  • BartSpur says:

    Yes I’ve heard the deal is all but done. Praise God!

    • NB says:

      ‘Done’ is the only really important part, we’ve seen this in the past from our beloved Spurs…

      Let us pray we can wrap this one up, the put in an improved bid for Damiao (if the failed 14m stories are true)

      This time next year, we’ll be Premier League Champions!

  • Anthony says:

    Really hope this one gets done ASAP ! Next get Adebayor and one other forward on board as a statement of intent then we can concentrate on shipping out what amounts to almost a whole team of dead wood. Assuming most of the usual suspects can be moved on perhaps it will also leave some budget to get in some goals from midfield. Eg Siggurdson, Moses, Hoillet . COYS !

  • lobo says:

    Crikey Im starting to wonder if we understand how the the transfer market works , you would think the big wigs are the lane would what to give something back to the fans after our failure to make cl , a couple of decent signings would be a good .

    • The Tottinghams says:

      Not just to the fans but also a signal of intent to our players. A top quality, genuine 1st team player will say everything to Bale & Modric about our ability to rise up the table and into the CL next season

  • Jimbotheyid says:

    God I hope so, not just for the fact that it is now dragging and is severely doing my head in but also for the fact that he will take us up a level. Vertonghen is a fantastic player and after all that settling-in business is out of the way I really think this guy will have more of an impact on us than Kompany did for Citeh. He is solid at the back and his distribution is excellent. If / when this happens will be joyous news, something us Yids haven’t had for a while now COYS

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