First Cahill, Now Vertonghen…

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Good morning.

I guess the start point here is when was there a time that weren’t concerned, borderline terrified even, about our transfer strategy? 

The popular debate seems permanently to be about landing that ever elusive ‘Hollywood’ striker. As thrilling as that prospect is, the home truth that few wish to face is getting the whole team tactically set up to effectively support whoever the front man or men might be. 

With Modric, Rafa, Bale and Azza across the middle there ought to be enough creativity to service anyone and everyone.

For the umpteenth time, you build a team from the back and it’s an area we’ve been mending and making do with for far too long. Injuries don’t help, but as mentioned in relation to the madness of us loaning out all our back up boys, it has to be understood that whilst no one can predict injuries; it’s fair to say they will be more likely to happen than not. This after all Association Football, not Tiddly Winks.

King ist kaput. Dawson and Eunice appear to be in some revolving door sketch where they seem only to bump into each other going in and out of the physio room. Gallas is martyr to gout.

Gary Cahill was a player we were, ‘linked’ with. I recall Arry issuing the old, ‘top top player’ spiel. Now Jan Vertonghen. 

Vertonghen’s agent has spoken of ‘approaches’ by a number of clubs, us included.  No offers and Arry’s comments back that up. With just a year left on the lad’s contract there’s bound to be more than a little light whoring going on. So why aren’t we more proactive? 

Jan would probably cost anywhere up to €12m his wages would fall into our range. Let’s get stuck in and spend shrewdly. 

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  • scandal says:

    Great player – can cover left back as well. Need to secure CL football to have a realistic prospect of getting him though

  • HR's fan. says:

    This after all Association Football, not Tiddly Winks.

    Why u no read what u write?

  • Rogerspurs says:

    The transfer speculation never really stops, merely undulates between low and high intensity as the months progress. We’re just about to enter another ‘high’ as the season ends and we approach the next ITK speculation festival.
    By Christ do we do need gaps plugging, but I suspect most of us are tired and just a wee bit dismissive of the endless stream of links with us and ‘top top players’. After the best first half of a season we’ve had for almost 50 years the best that was actually delivered was Saha and Nelsen – don’t be foolish enough to think we’re gonna compete with Europe’s best clubs for Europe’s top name players….. the bloke who manages our team – i.e. the one who’s supposed to have an eye for the players we need – is too busy with his head up his Arris looking for the reason why the England job passed him by. Fer fecks sake….

  • Parklaner says:

    Sounds like an exciting prospect – Him coming in with Caulker returning plus Kaboul and a fit again Dawson

  • JimmyT says:

    He was recommended to me by some Belgian friends just after Vermaelen had arrived at Arsen*l and begun to impress everyone.
    They were adamant that Vertonghen was far and away the better of the two players (and they rate Vermaelan very highly as well) and they really wanted Spurs to sign him (we’re pretty popular all over Belgium – must be Nico Claesen’s doing).
    I think this is a must but if the deal isn’t done by the end of next week we can forget it – someone else will just offer him more. Ajax have won their title now so there’s no reason not to finalise a deal.

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