Date: 21st May 2012 at 8:08pm
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What news from yonder window breaks? Well not too much. Sufficient for the day thereof as they say… 

I’ve always loved the idea of a middle class ITK. Not for any pretentious value I swear; rather for someone to rock the ITK mic who spoke didn’t spew out riddles and other self indulgent algorithms.  

The current relationship between Levy & Co. and the Spazmeister General that is our current manager has then today been described as, ‘perfunctory‘. 

… This female source tells me, “Oh by all means, let them know I’m a bird, Harry!”  that the exchanges between the two have become hard largely as is taking every contact as a potential threat.

There are of course exchanges but at best they can be described as perfunctory. Harry feels and doesn’t hesitate to say …that he’s due a break after a successful season and others are shall we say… doing very well indeed to remain speechless. 

knows that he’s screwed up and whilst the press might enjoy his company…  are all too well aware they have been left high and dry both in financial terms and indeed in the transfer market arena by the repercussions of being ‘distracted’ by the job that he was never ever actually in the running for.

Those still whining on about our best season witnessed by anyone under the age of 97 might want to consider if their footballing priority is or something more sinister they may might to share with the group.

4th sounded great at the beginning of the season, but now amounts to being worth less than nothing.  Lets hope that the situation deteriorates further and the Board can ship in a professional.