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What news from yonder window breaks? Well not too much. Sufficient for the day thereof as they say… 

I’ve always loved the idea of a middle class ITK. Not for any pretentious value I swear; rather for someone to rock the ITK mic who spoke didn’t spew out riddles and other self indulgent algorithms.  

The current relationship between Levy & Co. and the Spazmeister General that is our current manager has then today been described as, ‘perfunctory‘. 

… This female source tells me, “Oh by all means, let them know I’m a bird, Harry!”  that the exchanges between the two have become hard work largely as Arry is taking every contact as a potential threat.

There are of course exchanges but at best they can be described as perfunctory. Harry feels and doesn’t hesitate to say …that he’s due a break after a successful season and others are shall we say… doing very well indeed to remain speechless. 

Arry knows that he’s screwed up and whilst the press might enjoy his company… THFC are all too well aware they have been left high and dry both in financial terms and indeed in the transfer market arena by the repercussions of Arry being ‘distracted’ by the England job that he was never ever actually in the running for.

Those still whining on about our best season witnessed by anyone under the age of 97 might want to consider if their footballing priority is Tottenham or something more sinister they may might to share with the group.

4th sounded great at the beginning of the season, but now amounts to being worth less than nothing.  Lets hope that the situation deteriorates further and the Board can ship in a professional. 

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  • Carlos says:

    Like who?? Realistically ?

  • HartLane says:

    4th….. :-(

    • CptCaveman says:

      Great minds and all that…

    • Alspur says:

      Errrrr, call me Mr Picky (from Picton), but aren’t you actually third?

      • HartLane says:

        If I had a penny for every time I’d heard that exact sentence in each and everyone of my dreams since last Sunday…… :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: 8O :daumen: :ermm: :ermm: :-( :cwy: :cwy: :gaehn: :gaehn: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: 8O :daumen: :ermm: :ermm: :-( :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :shocked2:

  • HR's fan. says:

    Do you post silly stuff on facebook just to get likes to?

    You sir, are a disgrace to the chicken badge.

    • HartLane says:

      No like HR’s fan….. :unsure:

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I’m not on Facebook you idiot.

      • Frontwheel 2 says:

        Hammer blow to the forehead

      • HR's fan. says:

        So in all honesty, what position do you think our squad from last year should have finished?

        If the red corner of london did not have RVP, which they will not next year, we would have had fourth.

        Yet you continue to carry on turning the modern generation of ‘i have no long term memory’ mtv generation of spurs fans against our manager.

        I look forward to linking all your posts over the last few months back against you at the end of next season.

        COYS and get behind the manager…and not in a gay way.

        • HR's fan. says:


        • Harry Hotspur says:

          So in all honesty, what position do you think our squad from last year should have finished?

          Dead easy one. Just add 10 points to whatever we finished on.

          I look forward to linking all your posts over the last few months back against you at the end of next season.

          And a few weeks ago you were planning to do that at the end of this season.
          Seriously, you’re out out of your mind. You keep backing a horse that has already been turned into dog food & glue.

        • kennyid says:

          3rd, where we were and well clear before HR lost the plot. Something he also did last year at the end of he season. He is not a winner!

      • wilboid says:

        What is Facebook?

        • Cheeky Bill says:

          This squad was good for 78/79 points. No more than that. In a season that Man C at one point looked to go above 90 the title was never on. But we should have got 78 points, with breaking the 70 point barrier an absolute minimum. If we would have achieved 78 points and still come 4th then – we would have to take it on the chin. But we didn’t – we lost our focus and fucked up. We crapped out on 3 games that no serious contender would have crapped out on. When the chips were down we didn’t perform. We didn’t lose our champions league place last weekend – we lost it in February.

  • ric says:

    I think Capello wouldn’t hesitate to tell bale, that he plays on the left!!!

    • robbie says:

      although it didn’t go great for cappelo with England he is a very good manager. but i would like someone younger who will be with us for years and years!

      • robbie says:

        but would give harry another year to prove himself.

        • Stubarney says:

          I liked your first reply, but your second was plain idiotic! How many chances should this chancer get?

        • robbie says:

          i don’t think it is all harry’s fault! he has been are best manager for years and i would like to see what he can do with a distraction free season! so many things he had to deal with this year. yes he probably should of delt with the England situation better but we can’t blame hIm for wanting the job. the only problem we have whilst harry is still the manager is levy doesn’t trust him in the transfer window.

        • melcyid says:

          is that YERSELF NOW PSB?

    • Stubarney says:

      Robbie, you are entitled to your opinion but the England manager distraction is one big excuse if you ask me. You could put his whole tactical knowledge on the back of a stamp. He has taken us as far as he can, it was him who said this is as good as it gets, remember?

      Just look at our results for the latter part of the past two seasons, see a trend forming there? And 2 seasons ago there were no distractions.

      • robbie says:

        i see where you are coming from and yes i hate alot of his comments! “tottenham are punching above their weight” was the one that annoyed me the most! but i would rather get behind our manager and team and not turn into blackburn with the “get harry out”. also would like to see WHL louder next season!

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