Jonathan Barnet Wants Shooting

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Good evening.

I have given a name to my pain and it is yet another anti Christ of modern football …Gareth Bale’s agent.  Let me introduce you to Mr Jonathan Barnet.

Here’s his CV!

People plaque like this need flushing back down the smelly pipe from whence they sadly emerged. 

We the poor schmucks that weekly pay a rather decent chap with perhaps inarguable good intent are now subject to a parasite …and that’s simply not on.

Gareth. A plea from me,  from the hearts of all of us, mate … Lose this idiot and focus on being the best that you can be for us. Play to your innate strengths and once you’ve genuinely caught the the attention of the world’s media, then we’ll talk.

We’re Tottenham, my old son. We’ve never been pretentious. We’ve always respected ambition. So tell your boy to wind his neck in.

There’s a love.. eh? 

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  • Steveo1987 says:

    H you are not keeping that string wet on the server…It’s about to crash..

  • Steveo1987 says:

    As for Bale I don’t like all this monkey business..

  • Steveo1987 says:

    H, I’m sure this is a typo and what you meant to say was “Barnet wants shooing” a sin Verb:
    Make (a person or animal) go away by waving one’s arms at them, saying “shoo,” or otherwise acting in a discouraging manner. I’m sure you are not an advocate of violence. Maybe we can shoo a few others away..

  • edspur says:

    I’ve no idea whether the stories circulating of Bale to Barca, City, United etc etc have any truth in them but it never fails to amuse me that players might think because THEY have failed to qualify for the promised land of Champions League football THEY somehow deserve to be in it.

    If YOU want Champions League then earn it with the team YOUR in and that has every chance of getting into it every season if YOU should pull YOUR finger out and put the effort in. Ingrates! :angry:

  • grittyspur says:

    Reminds me of that memorable quote in the movie “Planet of the Apes” : “Ape kill Ape!!”

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