Date: 30th May 2012 at 8:19am
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Good morning.

The beats of the jungle drums are gently building. And I’m not talking about  ‘Summertime’ by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince being blasted out of cheap cars by gentlemen without shirts on at traffic lights. 

From Jasper on Odious:

We all know they want rid of him! We all know they are frustrated with him!

We all know he cacked up the Hazard deal in January when we could of done a pre-contract agreement. 

We all know it was the board who forced on him as he wanted Carlton Cole, push for the Drog which was not realistic and much more. 

We all know he suggest we sign Rio and J Cole who would fill modders boots.

We all know that he is a cack man-manager, and half the squad if not more do not rate or get on with him. 

We all know certain international players at the club cannot believe how clueless he is, and his old school f’ing and blinding at players is not working….

Is all this fiction, the worked of a fevered and jealous mind? I don’t believe so for a minute. It sounds all to damn plausible. This is the man who turned his nose up at Suarez. Not Suarez the play acting racist, but Suarez the gem of the Eredivisie.

This is the guy who has traded on luck and misrepresented to the world as talent. ? I’m convinced that has an identical relationship with him as he had with . The difference being that Modric knows what to do and doesn’t really need managing. Which is a genuine bonus if your coach is Arry.

The only players that ‘respect him’ are those with enough savvy to realise the insanity of falling out with a guy who could yet make or break their career. Think Kyle, think Jake. Or those that want license to do what they want. Think Bale. 

Rio, Joe Cole, Cartoon Cole? Anyone who thinks this is made up or unbelievable probably still sends letters to Father Christmas.

This is the man that actually sat in front of the world’s press as our aspirations were coursing down the u bend and out into the North Sea; and announced he wanted to sign Tevez. 

Yes, when he come [sic] here we only had two points from eight games. Yes he’s delivered three of our best end of season finishes since 1704. But this is a man who allowed his vanity to devour him and has has cost us millions.

This is a man who took one of the sexiest squads in the league and turned it into a house of cards. This is the house that cack built.