Levy Wants To Salvage January’s Binned €24M Remy Deal

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Guten morgan Bayern fans überall!

Loic Remy is making his loyal to the last noises, ‘I’m not ready to go for now. I did not feel they have really done a full season in Marseille. My sense of unfulfilled duty.’ it is suggested by the French press that Spurs have recommenced talks that were left for dead at the beginning of the year.

La Provance the French newspaper are running the tale that Tottenham met with Olympique Marseille on the 4th of January in Paris. A deal was proposed that Spurs buy Remy for a figure thought to be in the region of €24m and loan him back for the remainder of the season. 

With the  seasons in both countries more or less done and dusted the quote from the French paper is, ‘The contact has been renewed in concrete with a stated goal: to settle the matter as quickly as possible, before the European Nations Championship.’

Hurrah. Probably.

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  • Bukkake-breath says:


    • Wagahumper says:

      Would rather spend the money on Adebayor first before someone else nicks him…

      • Adebayorisshit says:

        You’re a fool ade is a very expensive, very shit mercenary. He only played at all for us to try and sell himself. I’d rather get in Kevin Davies, Klasnic or Hoilett for about 7m for two and on about 30,000/week. But hey, I guess if none of the teams above us want Adebatyhole, then we probably should get him by default?

  • Mr Spiggott says:

    Progress, yes it would have been nice to do better but progress.

    Best club in the world.

    Best fans in the world.

    Well said Daniel Levy –

    Have a great summer all


  • Sid Trotter says:

    Vertongen and Remy in one week. Messi the next. Things are looking up – but I am worried about next Saturday and how that may wipe away the allure of our club to potential targets if we dont get the CL Spot. I have a orrible feeling …. like all of us that this could be another Solksjaer and Sherringham night, but this time with Drogba and Bugs Bunny taking their places.

    if they did take their places it would be a fun cartoon

  • cartel says:

    why is remy being chased like this? its worrying to be honest, he has scored 12 league goals this season in a poor french league and has been looked at by lots of other clubs the last couple years and left well alone….he is simply not prolific.

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    Vor Neidhohle den Niblungenhort
    bewachte ein riesiger Wurm;
    Siegfried schloss ihm den frieslichen Schlund,
    erschlug ihn mit siegendem Schwert.
    Solch ungeheurer Tat
    entaggte des Helde.

    Gotterdammerung Act 1.

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