Remy Deal …Good News …And Less So Good News

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Good morning pop pickers.

And the hits just keep on coming. The Loic Remy piece of yesterday appears to have legs as a French journo, Matt Spiro who writes for has revealed that…

Matt Spiro  @mattspiro

Marseille have told Loic Remy to cancel his planned visit to Spurs’ training ground this week. They want to agree fee with #THFC first

This positively reaffirms the idea that we are ‘properly’ in for the player, but it also rather comically might indicate that they’ve just found out who our chairman is and want to get all the money side of things nailed before their boy starts choosing this coat peg.

Elsewhere, if you haven’t seen it then the Blackburn boss is the unwitting star of a covertly shot mobile phone video that is said to have been shot in a bar in Hong Kong while Rovers were doing their preseason. The clip is here. The interesting bit is where he’s asked about Sam Allardyche. He swiftly repsonds, “Because he’s a f*cking crook.”

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  • paxtonyid says:

    is remy any good? never mroe than 17 goals in a season….inn ligue 1

    • LosLorenzo says:

      Drogba’s best in France was only 19 in 35 games vs. the 17 in 31 Remy had this season. Not a huge difference.

      • LosLorenzo says:

        Not that this makes Loic a world-beater. Can’t judge much from the numbers alone. I haven’t seen him play much. Only full game was Norway vs. France friendly. He didn’t blow my mind, by any means, but that’s jsut one game.

        Hopefully it’s the same scouting setup that landed us Sandro. We’ve been chasing him for a long while, just like with the Brazilian, so room for optimism. Can’t take anything for granted until he actually pulls on the lilywhite and starts banging them in, though.

      • zab says:

        so what’s your point? Drogba came good in the PL so Remy will?

        that’s tenuous at best…

        • LosLorenzo says:

          See my post @ 9:11. That is not my point at all.

          My point is that his scoring record is neither here nor there. That alone doesn’t mean he’ll be great, but doesn’t mean he’s not up to it either.

          Some additional food for though; I don’t think I’d be far off if I suggested that the general level of quality in Ligue 1 has increased from ’03/’04 (Drogba’s last season in Frogland) to this season. That’s just an opinion, of course.

        • Jamie says:

          Isn’t the point not “he must be amazing”, but moore “lets not assume he’s sh*t because of those stats”. Goal ratios can be misleading and skewed by how the team is set up, how many chances he gets, does he take pens? Remember Alfonso Alves?
          He’s been playing wide in a 3 for part of the season from what I recall. The reality is we have to sign a players before they become big time. If he had scored 30/40 goals he’d be going to City, United, Chelsea on £150k a week. If we wait until the Euros and he does well his price will sky rocket, so if the club are sure, get it done.

        • nobby nobbs says:

          To get a nailed on prem forward who can score 20/25 plus will cost how much exactly and what will their wages be ?

        • fuckoffzenophobicidiotsvivelefrance says:

          Have you ever watched ligue 1? Seems to me a bit wierd that you all slag it off yet so many players have come to England and been stars. How many English stars (since the prem began) have succeeded over seas? Henrik Larsson played in sweden most of his career and proved even in his old age he is a better technical player, with more knowledge about football than anyone in our league. Also have you ever watched international football? All those teams that do better than us e.g. Germany, have supposedly weak leagues, interesting that they do so well without spending!!!

        • LosLorenzo says:

          I don’t think i “slag[ged] it off”. I just said the level has improved in the last decade.

        • LosLorenzo says:

          Xenophone is spelled with an “x”, btw.

        • LosLorenzo says:

          …and a “b”, while I’m at it :blush:

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Xenophone, is that like an iPhone Los?? :whistle: :daumen:

  • Cheeky Bill says:

    This seems very odd for us.

    With the exception of the purchase of Modric, our usual way of doing things is to offload the deadwood first and then plug up the gaps with whatever is still available afterwards.

    We have at least 5 players to ship out before the panic sets in.

    With this in mind, I dismiss this rumour entirely.

    • Jamie says:

      Good point, my guess is Levy is balancing his approach this window for key signings, having shipped out Pav, Crouch, and Bentley also coming off the wage bill.
      Perhaps he expects the Ade deal to run all summer (until City decide to cut their losses), and knows his hand is strengthened by not being perceived as desperate for a no.9 come August.
      Then with Vertonghen he has some flexibility in the 25 – Gallas could be moved on and doesn’t require a fee, King’s contract is TBC, and if we’re overloaded we can (and should) loan out Caulker to get some games. I’m oddly optimistic, we’re in better shape then we’ve ever been going into a window. Hopefully (f*cking hopefully!) CL league, flash training ground, dead wood cleared, our rep in Europe as high as ever, Harry staying (more the benefit of how it looks to prospective signings than my being some sort of die hard Harry fan), some in demand players to sell, a good potentially great squad, and some cash in the bank. 3 or 4 signings and we’re in business. So just what every fan of every team has said for the past 100 years then. Happy days!

      • Cheeky Bill says:

        I so much want to go along with this… and so I will. But this does not disguise the fact that we still have a massive squad – but struggle to find 16 fit players. Levy & Co should spend the summer dealing with this and freeing up more cash.

        We still have a number of players on our books who are simply not a Harry type of player. There has been a ‘wait and see if they hit it off’ approach. The answer is ‘they won’t’ and ‘stop dicking around and ship them out’. If Harry is staying then let him build his on team.

        We are going to take a bath on a number of them, namely David Bently, Heurelho Gomes and Vedran ?orluka. We need to grow some balls and just take the hit.

        Break even of a couple of others, Jenas and Sébastien Bassong,

        Make some cash on a few others: Giovani dos Santos, Steven Pienaar and Danny Rose.

        And simply loosen up the wage bill by retiring some of Dad’s Army: Ledley King, William Gallas, Carlo Cudicini, Ryan Nelsen

        That’s 12 players. This is a source of cash.

        Then we need at least 8 more to replace them.

        Not including Adebayour.

        • Jamie says:

          This is all logical and more or less what I would do. The difficulty which we as fans tend to forget is how difficult it is to sell a player. If nobody makes an offer, what can you do but loan them out and hope it leads to a sale?
          I don’t think 8 signings and this many sales is realistic to get done, without taking a massive hit. We’re not a club that can afford to do that unless we want to be skint for the next few years. Lest we forget we got to where we are from 10 years ago (skint, crap team, no pull for players) by buying Carrick for £2m, selling for £18m. Buying Berbatov for £11m selling for £32m. Re-investing in Bale, Huddlestone, Dawson, and good youngsters, and a couple of biggies. There was no sugar daddy investment, just shrewd trading of players. Levy isn’t going to turn his back on the policy that got us here, and if we try and play City and Chelsea at their own game we’ll loose everytime. We have to out think and out manoeuvre them. Their biggest frustration is despite all their money, they can only have 25 players, like everyone else. So we can still compete if we’re smart. I digress.
          My prediction – I think Corluka, Jenas, and Giovanni will be sold. Gomes, Bentley and Nelson will go on frees. Everyone else – depends on offers and who we can get in.

        • The Tottinghams says:

          Totally sensible. Ship out lots of older and underachieving players and then replace them with a smaller number of better and younger players. Mourinho had it totally right with wanting 2 players genuinely competing for each place

      • Acton_Yid says:

        We will NEVER be overloaded for CBs. History tells us time and time again all our best CBs WILL get injured simultaneously over the course of a season. Kaboul, Vertonghen, Dawson, Caulker, King (part-time) and A. N. Other and we should be ok. Gallas, Nelson and Bassong to depart…

      • Devonshirespur says:

        Our new training ground will be a nice feature to show potential new players. Plus a new stadium within 4 years. If we can offer Champions League too then we are an attractive prospect .

      • essexian76 says:

        Bentley and Jenas are both back on the wage bill as from now, so will need to be shipped out along with GDS,Bassong and a few others-that will leave the squad short-especially if we’re in the CL and are still expected to challenge for a top 4 place next season.Unless we sell either Bale or MODRIC for a significant fee/s,I cannot see how we’re likely to attract the amount of top players required by the club to mount a serious challenge on both fronts next season. Of course losing Ledders and his wage will help, but it’s the numbers both in personnel and salaries that don’t add up-unless there’s an oligarch on the horizon?

    • Devonshirespur says:

      I think we have been shipping deadwood for the last 2 windows without spending any money. Saha & Nelson effectively gone. Pavlyuchenko & Keane sold with no permanent replacement

      I think there is cash there to buy 2 or 3 key players before we then turn our attentions to shipping the remaining deadwood and replacing with better squad players

  • Jameson says:

    Best case scenario – Comes in and does the business

    Worst case scenario – He is the French version of Defoe.

  • Kash says:

    Remy could be our Drogba. I read we are haggling over the price for Vertonghen. Captain of Ajax and is quality player. I would pay the 2mill just to make sure we dont lose him and end up with Titus Bramble as cover for Ledley. Vertonghen can also play LB ( great cover for BAE ). I want all our deals done before Euro 2012. I dont want to wait until the CL qualifier. Get them in early ( Remy , Vertonghen, Hoillet and Krull )

    • UnkleKev says:

      I’d take Moses over Hoillet every day of the week. Unfortunately, if the Martinez-to-replace-Dalglish rumour has any legs I can see Moses hot-footing it to Anfield shortly afterwards.

    • Bukkake-breath says:

      Agree with those signings.. Transfer fees usually go up after a major tournament

  • LDNYid says:

    We seem pretty interested, having failed with bids before, if we are going back again he mist have something about him surely!

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