Stuff You Can Make Up And Stuff That You Can’t

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Well hello Dolly.

The Daily Star is jackanape central, eh? Jermaine J**** being lined up to replace Joseph Barton at Queens Park Rangers. And to get suspicious readers into the zone, they’ve even run the piece accompanied by a snap of the Tottingham dynamo sporting a moustache.

In next week’s Daily Star, Des O’Connor to  replace Slur Alex.

Jan Vertonghen’s getting as restless over his transfer as most Spurs fans.

“I’ve said repeatedly that Tottenham are my first choice, but the talks haven’t progressed,” said centre-back Vertonghen, 25.

“They have shown me around, I have met all their key people and their ­chairman came to meet me on Monday. But Arsenal want me too.

They remain a possibility if my Spurs move falls through, as Ajax are asking €15m for me.”

Ordinarily this sort of whoring gets right up my hooter. But whilst €15m is probably more than the value of everything I own, relatively it’s chicken feed.

After watching Gary Cahill take about a fortnight to look like he had been playing for the Blue Racists forever, it would be seriously unfunny to watch another vital addition end up in enemy hands. 

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  • BrisbaneSpur says:

    Am I first?

  • BrisbaneSpur says:


    Now famous i’ll read the article. Harry, I feel the importance of winning on this site has started to detract fom the wonderful content so regularly articulated !!

  • Big Fish says:

    Brinkmanship from Levy. If he fucks this up I will be a tad miffed.

  • Exchange & Mart says:

    For Sale: Ajax Captain. Will take a little more than the previous offer. Just do

    • 9.37 says:

      Damn. I was looking for a bike.

      • McG says:

        You could try your mum..

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        I can’t believe you were waiting for the price to drop so much before finally declaring an interest, Anon. Pretty hardball approach if you ask me – are you by any chance related to our chairman? 8O

        • McG says:

          Hey Mystoryman, was nothing more than a joke! You can hardly say I know his Mum and actually mean it now can you??! Now hop off your bike ;-)

  • BrisbaneSpur says:

    Cahill really been that impressive (coming from Oz)?? A lot of media over here protray him as average at best.

    We all know Levy drags his feet like a dog trying to relive his itchy ‘front bum’ on a favoured rug.

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