Date:2nd May 2012 at 11:46am
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Bolton away and before a ball is kicked the proceedings have been hijacked by the Fabrice ‘Beloved In Christ’ Roadshow.  Apparently he will be in attendance to thank in person both sets of fans for their, “prayers, love and support.” 

Of course, this would be a great opportunity for the player to front an NHS or a British Heart Foundation initiative, but Muambo Jumbo is the order of the day and it so thanking the vicarious grief junkies and divine intervention is so much easier. Almost as easy as accepting a cheque from The Sun of course…

..who have excelled themselves with today’s vicious bullying of Roy Hodgson. 

We all chuckled at the Life Brian as Pilate cried, ‘Fro him to the fwoor!’ but comedy is a question of degree and publishing a list of words that a real person with an minor impediment isn’t funny, it’s bullying. 

Is this a pro Arry backlash? I’m unconvinced. Roy may have the look of a Hinge & Bracket fan about him, but his CV is pretty impressive for those that have been bothered to examine it so if you want to do something truly redundant today, #prayforthesun.

And so for the game. Here’s the board.

fig.1 & fig.2 Sandro & Eunice to focus on punchy passes to the wing men. fig.3 & fig.4 the wing men to stay on the bloody wing. fig.5 Brad must NOT hoof the damn thing into the night sky. Roll it out baby….

I’ve resisted the urge to field King, I’d be amazed if Arry follows suit. Hopefully he’s enough faith in the freshly repaired Eunice. 

Sandro was too good against Blackburn to drop and so naturally edges it over Scotty Parker. Again I will be surprised if Arry doesn’t drop the Brazilian as the pressure to win and only win mounts in that little brain of his.

Danny Rose will get another start I’m sure, but for me it’s making up the numbers territory here, he really isn’t the required standard.

Modric on the half way line with Bale on the left and Azza on the right. I cannot bang on about this enough. They must get service in those positions. Having Kyle and Rose running into them is pointless and it defeats the purpose of Bale and Lennon playing if the crosses are coming from these two ‘wing backs’ who are such proven dreadful crossers of the ball.

Rafa and Ade upfront with Saha first in line to the first one to look puffed out.

Bolton have been miserable home and away this season  and so there really is somewhat of a gun against the head thing going on here should we screw up here.  

Eyecatcher bets from Boylesports include Half Time Bolton, Full Time Tottenham is a tasty 20/1. Full Time Score 1-2 is 7/1, Sandro Anytime Goalscorer is 9/2…