The Best ITK This Window So Far …By A Country Mile?

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Apologies for going missing aujourd’hui, I am on the proverbial lamb. This blog however I do believe this well worth sharing and have nipped into an emporium that offers greater riches* than a Las Vegas hotel in order to get this to you.

*If your perception of ‘riches’ is a jacket potato machine that obviously hasn’t been cleaned since it left the factory.

This then is a decent gem from the heavily guarded, FTL forum … all [sic] courtesy of ‘Cabinessence’…

Levy and Pleat are close in relation to potential signings. Him and God knows how many others. Danny Boy really does his homework and speaks to loads before going in.

Apparently our targets are heavily influenced by a ‘team’ of statisticians who pour over numbers-someone mentioned Remy having scored more headers from set pieces than any other forward in Europe?

Well that’s the sort of info they’d know. Arry just says where we need strengthening and then gets asked if he has any objections to whoever the team put forward as the solution.

He might throw a few names in the hat himself but generally it’s down to the team. It certainly isn’t based on scouting someone for 2 games. He has no input on the financial aspects of any deal other than when the solution being put forward might have an impact on other acquisitions.

Apparently under our current business model we have around £20m to spend each year but that includes any increases in salary either from new signings or contract renegotiations. Needless to say we do HP on every deal. VDV £8m was written over 4 yrs apparently.

But their wages impact on that £20m for the duration of their stay with us unless we offload players. So someone new on £70,000pw basically takes £3.6m out of our £20m every year.

Obviously a CL foray increases the coffers but as that can’t be, ‘guaranteed’ it’s not included for wages planning. Danny Boy very pee’d off with ‘Arry who virtually went “missing” from his court case till Woy got appointed. Words were said.

Team meeting of players did happen saying that no meaningful tactics were being worked on for the period etc etc. Basically it was just them and the coaching staff. 

Club not happy with Lennon’s attitude either. 

Our Finance guy thinks L’pool’s financial model sucks.

The £50m debt we have is for the purchase of stadium land. But we’ve done a deal with Sainsbury who’ll give us either £50m or £70m. Can’t remember, but know both figures were mentioned.

Anyway they’re going to build the biggest Sainsbury’s in the country on there and that will start v soon, as will the hotel. Stadium won’t start till a £150m naming rights deal is done which hasn’t been yet.

Oh and there’s something happening down White Hart Lane relating to something being done with the council and involving parking.

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  • Frank says:

    That simply begs the question ‘ what the fackinel does Redschnapps actually do?

    • crespur says:

      he talks to the press

    • Bobbles says:

      The answer appears to be “works on meaningful tactics” – unless otherwise engaged.

      Does this mean his tactical genius is what keeps us winning? The inference is that when he was distracted by England we missed those pearls of wisdom. A theory that generally goes against the views usually expressed here!!!

    • HartLane says:

      He’s a wanker, that’s pretty much what he does….wank :freu

    • MalSpur says:

      got us to 4th.

      • Stubarney says:

        Should have been 3rd.

      • The Tottinghams says:

        How did you get to the belief that Redknap did that from the article above? Of course we did get to 4th but clearly it had bugger all to do with the manager

        • kennyid says:

          Actually it had plenty to do with the manager. If he had been managing properly we would have been 3rd.

        • davspurs says:

          Lets put this to bed Harry got us fourth Chelsea and Arsoles got three by stealth.. Or if you want it translating fucking cheating the national grid out of extra Energy top up 100 percent truth

  • Chrispurs says:

    ‘Danny Boy very pee’d off with ‘Arry who virtually went “missing” from his court case till Woy got appointed. Words were said.’ So it wasn’t just me then. I don’t feel DL had anything to do with, err how should I say the older generation, those must be Harry’s buys. I’m more than happy, for Pleat, Levy, or an a other, to pick new recruits. Much better than grave robber Harry.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    Does that mean I can pick up a Scotch Egg and Balsamic at the back of the stands.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    can I park the mobility scooter anywhere I want now?

    like on Harry’s backside and not get a tikcet?

    • crespur says:

      You may get a ticking off and or a tick but those tikcets became extinct at boothgate in 1066 AD

  • Jay says:

    Why havent we got rid of Harry yet….according to this ITK he does nothing except tactics and that is something he is very poor at.

    I feel that the press will jump on Levy if he sacks Harry, saying what a great manager he is because he gives interviews all the time, its perfetic but fuck the press

    • BartSpur says:

      Well a couple of reasons I believe. 1, Harry has got us to 4th twice in 3 seasons. 2, all the players say they love him – Remy says he wants to come dependant upon Harry being manager. I don’t agree with his rotation policy, but he must be doing something right.

      • rich g says:

        he dosnt have” a rotation policy” he flogs them to death until they get injured, then moans that everyone else hasnt played for months

      • LLL says:

        This idea that all the players love him seems to come from nowhere. I’ve not heard many of them say as much, and quite a few of his lesser favourites have been quite disgruntled, Defoe included, by his lack of attention / explanation. If you were VDV or Bale, I’m sure you’d get on with Harry great – they seem to be able to play exactly how and where they feel like.

        Similar, this stuff about Remy only coming to the club if Redknapp stays, more bs. This comes from a story in the mail with no quotes whatsoever. i.e. complete horseshit!

        • Gee says:

          Today’s comments by Kyle Walker are rubbish really, aren’t they? After all, this is a guy who has been working alongside HR every day for the last three or four years. What could he know? Similarly, all the top players, Lampard, Rooney and co don’t know s**t, do they? They wanted HR as the England boss. But they’re only professional footballers who know all the other footballers in the Prem.and play this game for a living. They’re idiots, obviously. Remy is clearly an idiot as well. He doesn’t talk to any other top professionals in Europe so how could he know anything. Probably doesn’t speak English so he’s only a fool of a foreigner.
          Then there are those other unintelligent guys like Adebayor, VDV and the rest who again only work alongside the man every day of the week So, clearly they don’t see what we see….that Redknapp is useless, hasn’t got a clue and is all those other funny words which appear on here from time to time.
          But then there are the experts on here, aren’t there?
          The minority of bloggers who have got such fantastic knowledge of what’s going on. The people who know their football so well that they really have missed their vocation in life and would certainly be managing a top team by now if only someone had recognised their talent.
          Never mind, they can always come on here and tell everybody else how knowledgable they are.
          A bit like Tony Hancock, really…..”You know so much about transfusions, Mr Hancock. Why did you never become a doctor?”
          “Oh just couldn’t be bothered really.”

        • jerkinmahjurgen says:

          Gee, one of the best posts I’ve read on this site, ever. And ’tis good to see more supporters praising the efforts of our probably best manager since Bill Nick. His record certainly suggests so, but who’s looking at that, huh? Let’s study the twitch, instead. That’s where it’s at.
          Liverpool would love to have him. Even Chelsea, I fear… Man U should have won the league 4, 5 games ago. It was a cert. They blew it. Go on, say it. Suralix, as he’s known, is shit.

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