Date: 12th May 2012 at 2:43pm
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Good afternoon.

A footballless Saturday and here in jolly old Blighty I can tell you that direct and immediate action needed taking to prevent a severe attack of the Collywobbles setting in. There are only so many times a man can watch Carry On films…

Mind you. Nothing a Chinese meal for at least three ordered for one, several thousand ice cold beers and Sexy Beast on DVD can’t cure. Wallop.

The End of Season Survey was a success in terms of participation, a good couple of thousand joined in; so a big thank you to all those who had a go. Always appreciated.

Question 1. This was about the goalie situation. Interesting stuff. 58% of you want to shop again. Retaining Brad appealed to 35% and 6% of you would give poor old another spin. Carlo was on the floor here, I guess the Wembley fiasco didn’t help. Just 2% would give him another go.

Question 2. Kyle . The people’s choice. 50% believe he needs coaching. 47% just wanted opted for ‘what a star’, with a brave lunatic fringe supporting the idea we play him as a winger.

Question 3. Benny Barnet. This was interesting. 84% said he wasn’t perfect, but he was first choice. The remaining 16% split themselves down the middle. 8% wanted shot of him. 8% suggested coaching.

Question 4. I do hope someone at the Club above the pay grade of Megastore Coat Hanger Manager is reading this. 93% want Vertonghen  or similar. Only 7% thought that Eunice & Daws were the future. The jig is up. The existing pair are decent men, but we need to shop. And now.

Question 5. is as could have been expected split opinion. 71% adnitted his sale would be a killer blow. 29% said they didn’t get the hype. So on balance & Co. did the right thing. 

Question 6. . The man who never was. 64% want him just sold. The remaining 36% want him recalled. 

Question 7. . More sharp voting. 70% want him permanently on a deal that doesn’t cripple us, the other 30% don’t.

Question 8. This could be argued that it was a set up. But here goes anyway. 86% expressed shock at the quality of set pieces. 14% felt things were going just fine on the coaching front.

Question 9. This was about naming your most improved player. Top 3 were Kyle in pole with 35%, in second with 26% and Jake on 18%. Everyone else was in single figures.

Question 10. This was about naming your player of the season. Top 3 were Scotty in pole with 36%, Raging Kaboom in close second with 30% and Kyle with 11%. Everyone else was in single figures.