Vertonghen Was At The Lane Today

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Happy Christmas?

Who knows, but it was him and he was there alright. Spotted by many flitting around in Corporate. 

This is also confirmed by one or two Dutch Twitterati sources, which gives the information that sort of feel one only otherwise gets from lovingly prepared home cooked food.

Deal done? Who knows, but Levy & Co. were seen meeting and speaking privately with the player at half time.


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  • Tim says:

    Was streaming the game today and there was a point when people were looking above, now i know why. Loic Remy next to arrive at the lane on Tuesday. #coys

    • Brian says:

      – was at the game people were looking above more because we were trying to find out the results of the other games

  • Rupert says:

    Yep saw him, taller than he looks in photos, at least 7 foot

  • wowser says:

    As long as the money is not silly, looks a good.signing

    Remy on the other hand petrifies me. He has.never scored more than 17 goals in a season and this is the french league (the one that made gervinho look good).

    • AmdamSpur says:

      Coming from Ajax, the price won’t be inflated, probably around 10m euros, especially with a year left on contract.

  • Van der Faart says:

    Just watching motd2 …I can’t believe how fricken easy fulop let two goals in. …what a Cnut!!

  • Chrispurs says:

    The Arse had 3 shots on target, and score with all of them. I’m a big fat useless bastard, and I would’ve stop one, if not two, of them.

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