93rd Richest Man In The World Buying Spurs?

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Good morning.

Well here’s one to blow the cobwebs off your wireless handheld device for those of you what are holding them. 

Rumour from the lesser spotted message board SIMB and member on there, nty. 

Bit of my own ITK. Listen I’m only passing it on so it comes with the usual discalimers but I’m going to pass it on anyway………………………………..
Posted on June 11, 2012 at 10:56:57 AM by NTY

The reason for our inactivity and everything else is that I’ve been told Spurs have been sold to the Kharafi Family. They are from Kuwait and they tried to buy Liverpool once before. The main man there is the 29th richest person in the world. 

Deal is not done, but its close. Should be announced next week. 

Again, i’m only passing something on I was told. The source is good but who knows with these things. 

The guy said its with lawyers which will take 1-2 weeks


Is this true? Who the hell knows. What is known to be true is this mob were certainly mentioned when Liverpool were being sold a while back and their turnover is suggested to be …in excess of $3 billion. 

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  • Minionas says:

    I just dropped my wireless hand held device!

  • BrizzleSpur says:

    Interesting. I doubt this is true, but it is very provocative.

    • Provocative this mate!
      Listen Ill take them…now friends romans and Tottenham supporters LETS GO SHOPPING ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!

      • Harry Hotspur says:


        • crespur says:

          HH duck ! here comes some cold water….. apparently the data contained in that “ITK” news was from 2006 and as has been pointed out Nasser died some time ago, although the 3 sons are wealthy…

      • Finn says:

        Good idea how about we buy blue shirts and join the BNP….

        We are who we are because of what seperates us; I really don’t want to buy a champonship, be a hypocrite by joining the Chav/Citeh club or lose the essense of the club to some moneyed twats who want a football team as a hobby because Airfix kits are too difficult for them.

        We are doing well by ourselves, if we win a title or a trophy we do it, THFC; not some sheik gobbling up his nations treasure whilst his people live life the same way they did when Richard the Lionheart came a-calling. Standing on our own two feet suits me better than getting propped up then living under the threat of the crutches getting taken away if we don’t cow-tow.

        No thanks, count me out of those celebrations!

        • The only thing that seperates us Finn (didnt Ralph Finn write Spurs Supreme?) is the amount of quality they have and amount of points needed to win the Premier League…thats all.

        • melcyid says:

          you know thats not true wonnie ,youve been spurs since the double.

        • essexian76 says:

          @Ronnie-Doesn’t it seem strange to you, that those with money are continually linked with our players? I’d sooner keep the players myself

        • Ralph says:

          The only way we are ever going to win a title is to have that kind of money, the days are gone when you can build a team without mega money to get there. The teams that are there pay the fees and the massive wages which gets the players and helps them stay there so no one else can compete, if it happens and we win things the trophies go down in history not the transfer fees

        • LLL says:

          @Ralph Ok, so we don’t win a title then. Rather that than become another joke club – Chelsea, City

        • ziege says:

          Completely agree with Finn.

          I wasn’t born a Spurs supporter; I chose to become one ten years ago when following the EPL in the States became practicable. I didn’t pick a top 4 side, I picked a club with character (and characters), a team that was fun to watch, win, lose or draw. And, as the seasons passed, the wierd Spurs story lines, always something bizarre happening, became a perverse source of pride–only Spurs!

          During the trying times e.g. when Jol was so humiliatingly sacked, the 2 from 8 period, it never occured to me to switch to another club. When we were adrift at the bottom of the table, I remember frantically researching options for getting Championship matches on the computer–how to keep up should the worst happen. And I loathe Redknapp, always have, he’s a grimy, greasy blot on the lily white shirt, but managers are temporary, the club is forever, right?

          But the stratford thing definitely gave me pause, and this is more of the same…abandon your history, become a financially doped plaything of morally suspect characters–what is there to be proud of? What’s left of the club that I’ve followed so obsessively and cared about so deeply? What is there even to care about when the EPL comes down to duelling financial statements?

          Expect to be flamed by season ticket holders for being relatively new and, except for an every other year trip to the Lane, a remote supporter, but I am not a jump on the bandwagon glory hunter…If Spurs become the next ManCity, well, honestly, I don’t know. But the Bundesliga is looking better and better for a fan of the beautiful game. A lot closer to what club football should be.

        • Hartley says:

          I’m with the thanks but No thanks massive…..

        • Spurstacus says:


          The love affair has to start somewhere. It doesn’t matter where or how. I started supporting Spurs initially because my dad did. Strangely enough he started supporting Spurs because he thought his dad did. Turns out his dad was a gooner! My dad introduced me to G Hoddle, who I tried to emulate when I played. I still get goose bumps and adrenaline rushes when I see clips of Glenda. My uncles and nephews are Spurs which is nice, but I don’t believe pedigree counts for much. Better to choose to follow than just tag along.
          A very belated but very warm welcome to a fellow yid.

        • davspurs says:

          Micky F. I don’t want Camel shit all over the Cockerel badge but i cant stand Bale Modric being sold and Harry winging we cant afford to pay the wages.

        • In Paris it would be lovely to own a cafe’.Problem is they are all going out of business in favour of Starbucks.

          French film noir is as relevant in Sydney,Istanbul and Toronto as it is in Paris. Its not.

          Its a shame but thats the way it is.

          The little book shop in Charing X Road is done.

          Its a shame but thats the way it is.

          Either you are a mega footie club or you are a local factory team.

          That too is a shame.

          You want to start a cultural revolution?
          Im sorry Im too old. Viva Che Guevera!

          Want to do niche,then go to Polperro in Devon and open a bookshop with dusty titles and watch the local bookshop team.

  • adtheyid says:

    I for one wish to welcome our new Kuwaiti overlords…

  • Ku Wait!!!!! Holdon dont move your markers!! WE may ‘ave a winner ‘ere……

    WE’ll go over the numbers again….

    Two old ladoes sittin’ in deckchairs Eighty Eight….

    Six and Nine…Sixty nine

    On its own number Four…

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