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Good morning.

First up, it seems the Laurent Blanc spiel in the popular printed has finally bitten the dust. The Daily Mail leading the charge with the news that Joao Moutinho heads ‘AVB’s hit list’ with The Daily Star valuing the player at £32m if you will. For those still clinging the possibility that Villas Boas won’t be the new man this morning’s prices have the former Portogeezer at 1/12 and the Frenchman at 12/1. 

David Bentley’s name has surfaced like a poorly weighted body in the Thames. This time it’s the suggestion that he could be off on loan again, this time to Fulham. It would be wonderful to think that our new boss could get something out of the wannabe Beckham that never was. What’s it to be, get him playing well enough to get first team starts or get a return that isn’t a loss when placing him with somebody else? Hobson’s choice.

Elsewhere Steven Peanut has hit the headlines in South Africa for allegedly attacking Thabang Mnisi, the son of South Africa’s deputy minister of public service and administration in a nightclub kerfuffle. If the Toffee hearted one was wearing a Spurs shirt when he kicked him the injuries are bound to be minor. 

And …if any readers on Twitter fancy being involved in a truly one off football related stunt with me that involves the iconic advertising location below, then get in touch asap.

I’ll make you famous  :-D

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  • AFelching says:

    Al quite on the western front then

    • Habib says:

      Do you know Sol Campell screwed Teddy Sheringham’s wife? Just saying

      • Habib says:

        Ah ex fiancee…. Just googled it. Always wondered what that was about.

      • seantheyid says:

        not how i heard it, i know teddy never liked him though, thought it was something to do with teddy’s missus sister, or was it her brother ???

        • Habib says:

          Sheringham dated a very intelligent grounded and classy lady for 8 years and she was his fiance. Then they broke up. And Sol moved in slyly having secretly coveted her from the shadows. That’s where its at. If Sol and Terry ever had a baby it would be the anti christ.

      • Mal says:

        You want to watch your mouth Habib,and what you say.
        Oh ,and if you don’t like Harry stories,don’t read them.

        • Habib says:

          What an incredibly profound yet witty contribution. When did you graduate from Oxford?

    • nipper says:

      …all quite what on the western front?

  • Habib says:

    Can someone please tell newsnow that every Harry Redknapp story should not figure in my feed for f***’s sake! Do I have to put up with this crap for the rest of my life?

  • cookiebun says:

    I think the Toffee Hearted one could be in for a rest.

  • Dick Scratcher says:

    I’m not happy with you revealing about male crotchless panty hell, I had hoped that it was behind me but I’ll have to be upfront with myself to fight off the urge.

  • nipper says:

    …what happened to the brief flurry of stories on Didier Deschamps being a contender now that he’s out of Marseilles? Still not convinced by AVB…..too young, gets irritated easily, won’t command players’ respect…..

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