AVB Done …So Say The Spanish

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Good afternoon. 

The headline we all wanted. Well, all of us with the obvious exception of those who have already decided he’s useless.

The source is ordinarily excellent, which is the Spanish edition of TuttermercatoWeb who are claiming that he has signed, but the legal obligation in his exit agreement with the blue racists whereby AVB can’t practice his famed knee bends until next month.

André Villas-Boas and is Tottenham, although the official announcement is not until July. 

The agreement between the Portuguese and the London club is complete, the contract is signed but can not be made public until July to Villas-Boas did not fail to perceive economic quantities has agreed with Chelsea for his dismissal, which includes not lead to any equipment until 30 June.

Villas-Boas is committed for three years, takes one and half million pounds net and general manager will not only exercise coaching field.

My thanks to the most excellent @IndoSpurs for pointing this out to me!

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  • mynameisluka says:

    I hope he pins a big 1st to the board and points to it and tells them- thats what I expect, nothing less.

    • jim says:

      jesus and who says realism and spurs fans dont go together. AVB is a disaster and he and you have made spurs the laughing stock of the league. How many fans of other clubs have told you they are jealous?? None thats how many, because they are laughing at us and at you. Forget top 4, we’ll be lucky to get top half with this clown in charge.
      Thats it for me, see you next season when we have sacked him ( no doubt you’ll be one of the ones calling for his head by November ).

      Sadly spurs fans are deluded fools, until we get a new stadium, we cannot pay the wages that will sign or keep the best palyers. Thus we cannot do any better than we have been. You are deluded fools if you think otherwise. Pathetic.

      • Ronnie says:

        ….Face it, Daddy was sacked Jamie. Accept it and move on.

        • jimslilboy says:

          Jim, you have a small football brain, you only watch match of the day, Harry won us nothing, won nothing before he came and nobody else wants him so he will win nothing in the future.

          AVB won more in 1 season than Harry in his entire career, and hes half his age judging him on 8 month with Chelsea is a joke, I bet you didnt judge Harry on his 8 months at Southampton when he got them relegated

      • ilovespurs says:

        Mate I think you are the deluded one. Tottenham’s team last years was up there with both Manchester Clubs- we were the only team that actually gave them a fight up there until Harry flirted with England and had a court case to deal with. We have got a first team that many are jealous of and have a unique playing style that only Real Madrid can match due to playing with out and out wingers. You make it look as if we are like 10th in the league and have no world class players at all which is simply not true. Obviously, we cannot pay those astronomical wages and we shouldnt but it does not mean we cannot bring in world class players- Jan Vertoghen was voted the best played in the Dutch league which has provided us with some of the best players EVER yet hes has decided to come to us and i would consider him world class. Even if we do loose Modric, thats £30-40million we can spend on the team and who is to say we will not bring in big players. van der Vaart is Captain of Holland- is he not world class- does he not play for Spurs- we might not be able to by ready made world class players but we can sure as hell buy potentials and now that we are in a better place- we have a better chance of keeping them. We Spurs fans are not deluded- we just believe in our team- think its time you do the same- thats if you are a Spurs fan in the first place.

      • Spursmartio says:

        Audere est facere! Come on, get with the programme.

      • mynameisluka says:

        Thank you Jim for your erudite critique.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Farts! Hmm, great news and an even better translation – it seems to me that I will need an extra crate of Shiraz if true – did it say what time on 1st July – can I now start moaning about AVB – or do I have to wait until he’s been successful.

    My mother, bless her, thinks that AVB is a type of fruit

  • BillyFiore says:


  • kenny powers says:

    Muchos gracias senor hotspurino

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I can categorically deny that I have ever slept with AVB

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