He’s The Best Thing To Come Out Of Poplar Since Angela Lansbury

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Hello fun seekers.

First up a huge thank you for yesterdays comments. I put that picture up without thinking it through. I hesitate to say innocently, even.  In my defence how could anyone have known how funny a seemingly a pretty dull picture of a few men stood about a ten year old Merc could be?

After sleeping on it, my best guess is that this was an Earth Wind & Fire tribute band being told there was no ‘arrangement’ with with the pub next door and …’all this is permit holders only, sir’.

I see in today’s Redschnapps Bugle The Sun that the Arry camp are repeating the same damage limitation tactics they employed in relation to his non-appointment as England manager. 

Apparently Arry is contributing to the delay in him being given the opportunity to build a dynasty as he’s a very expensive commodity. If you have recently undergone electroconvulsive therapy then this makes a lot of sense.

Levy feels Redknapp was responsible for failing to secure a top-three finish and a guarantee of Champions League football because he was distracted by talk of becoming the next England manager.

This is harrowingly accurate. Clearly this bit wasn’t proof read. 

But the Redknapp camp insist the target issued by the chairman was a top-four finish and that it was hardly his fault Chelsea became kings of Europe to pip Spurs to the fourth Champions League spot.

Oh I see, this is like you were supposed to collect the kids from school and bring them home. Nobody said anything about not giving them them beer and cigarettes in the car on the way.

In spite of heart surgery and a gruelling court case earlier this year, Redknapp remains committed to transforming Tottenham into regular Champions League contenders.

Oh please, not the  health card again. And the reason his court case ever existed in the first place and was grueling or otherwise is because of the utterly bizarre manner he conducted his personal finances.

And, deep down, Levy knows he will have to tread carefully because Redknapp remains very popular with the White Hart Lane faithful.


Back in the real world, Brazil got beat 2-0 last night and the game threw up two goals of interest. Here’s Leandro Dimebar for starters. It was erroneously called as being offside.

And next up is a sex on toast like finish from the boy Giovanni Dos Santos.

As that ball went in; if you were able to tune into a frequency not too dissimilar to the one which dogs can hear, you would have  just catch Arry saying, ‘Well he bladdy well doesn’t do anyfink like that for us.’  

And so I rest my case, m’lud.

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  • SerfCity says:

    I take it he’s still here….sigh

  • ric says:

    I get annoyed to watch those wonder goals from Dos Santos! They come quite consistent when he plays for his country. Dimebar would be a much needed asset on WHL!

  • LosLorentzen says:

    Think Johnny Two Saints was probably trying to cross the ball. Not that any self-respecting forward would ever admit such a thing.

  • Phil McAvity says:

    Class goal by GDS there.

    I take it there are no bars near the stadium then?

  • UnkleKev says:

    To those of you championing GDS: cast your mind back to our game at the mighty Shamrock Rovers where he looked out of his depth and frankly couldn’t give a toss. Football’s a tough business. Those who make it generally recognise their oportunities and make the most of them. Dos Santos (like Pavlyuchenko before him) simply hasn’t done that at Spurs. Get rid ASAP.

    • Dos Santais not giving a toss?

      How about not being given a fair chance?

      and Harry is not discriminating. He has a squad,picks his players for the season and the others including the players on the bench can go f themselves.

      This is a manager?

      He is missing the main ingredient. Its called managing.He is called a manager but that is called managing. There is a disconnect there somewhere

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Do you not think there might be a question mark over why he hasn’t delivered at Spurs?

      I agree that could well have been a cross, but it went in, didn’t it :blush: either way he was consistently excellent in the Copas last year.

      The Shamrock game was actually unwatchable to be honest and I think Messi would’ve struggled to shine out there.

    • UnkleKev says:

      Why hasn’t he delivered at Spurs? I suspect that has a lot more to do with his (lack of) application than anything else. My chief recollections of him when he has played are of him losing the ball and making absolutely no attempt whatsoever to win it back. The former I can accept (even the best players in the world misplace passes after all), the latter I can’t.

      Whilst I agree he hasn’t been given an extended run in the side, I’ve seen nothing from him in a Spurs shirt (and the same goes for Pienaar, too) that would warrant giving him one. He’s undoubtedly talented but, like Taraabt before him, still has an awful lot to learn before he’ll be of much use to anybody in the top flight of English football.

      • essexian76 says:

        There’s an enormous difference between International football and the Premiership, and even more so in South America, where the pace and time on the ball are just not comparable. Sandro when he first began with us was caught out so many thinking about playing a ball,then discovering he just wasn’t going to get the time he had been accustomed to. The difference is, Sandro adapted, GDS hasn’t. Played well for Ipswich though, but that’s probably about his playing level

    • Ronnie Wolman says:

      The ingredient that is missing from any argument about many of our bench (some people call them stench) players is the the manager is behind you factor.
      He isnt supportive of most of these players that dont get a fair crack.
      Some times great players need a kind of a kind of finesse to deal with them in getting them in the right frame of mind. Of course they are professional and SHOULD act like surgeons but most of them are not.
      You mention Pav I mention Bent.So?

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