Is The Man In This Leaked Photo Our New Striker?

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And so it simply refuses to sleep. The unrelenting wretch. The rumour mill grinds on and on …occasionally in technicolour…

This from the FTL forum and the assertion is that the black gentleman in the picture was being shown around White Hart Lane.


Is this the Ivorian striker Seydou Doumbia? Or is it simply somebody or indeed anyone else?

Your thoughts please, my dears…

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  • Didnt know Morgan Freeman could play defence. At least he is better than a Belgian waffler

  • johnhalloween says:

    He looks about 50 years old. Must be an arry signing.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    How old is this man ? Is he not the man Didier Drogba elected to run the Ivory Cost ?

  • Simon says:

    Looks more like said striker’s father….

    • D Doc says:

      It couldn’t be his father he was killed by soldiers in civil war in ivory coast, seydou had to escape from army camp when he was 15.
      It looks like Luther Blisset has stopped shaving his head & started growing his hair back, he does own motor racing team with les Ferdinand

  • Jimmy says:

    Yakubu, Harry loves a freebie

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