Date: 15th June 2012 at 8:44am
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Good morning.

John Cross of The Mirror was on talkSPORT this morning talking to a 53 year old man with  an over inflated whoopee cushion with some albino pubes stuck on it for a head …and a small lap dog called Ronnie.

I’ve transcribed what Cross said on Tottenham and my responses are in italics. 

If you defend him it’s a media love in, but… blimey look at what he’s done. Two out the last three seasons he’s finish top four and that’s been beyond Tottenham in every other season. …

Would personnel have any baring on this at all John? And you don’t mention why was been binned of course…

What’s more… we keep hearing that fans want to go the next level. Who’s gonna take them there? , he’s at Wigan… I’m not convinced he can do that. 

Agreed. He his CV consists of three failed attempts at getting relegated.

David Moyes is a brilliant Premier League manager, but there’s no guarantee there. So… I can’t see … I tell you what… Villas Boas; let’s examine that for a moment. I mean blimey. Chelsea fans do not like Tottenham fans . I think they dislike them more than Spurs fans dislike Chelsea.  

That because they are racists. It’s okay to identify them as such. 

I tell you what, Villas Boas had an absolute nightmare at Chelsea. People tell me he’s a really good coach. He’ll come back, that’s fine…he’ll go to one of Chelsea’s biggest rivals and I’m not sure if Spurs fans will accept him. I think he’ll have a lot of ground to make up. People will be immediately cynical, will they see Villas Boas who failed miserably trying to implement his project as he kept on calling it at . The negativity will be huge. I think if Spurs are really realistic about Villas Boas they have misjudged the mood again. 

It’s speculative at best that he would receive such a hostile reception. I wonder John, is it that did didn’t throw his arms around you when he was at The Bridge? You know, like Capello didn’t dance for you press boys so you all had a hate on for him too?

I don’t think [players] will accept him. Blimey he was brought in to do a job to man management at Chelsea a  very difficult situation and he struggled with it so then can he really keep Gareth and Luke happy? And keep them out the clutches of big foreign clubs?  I’m not convinced about it.

You are kidding me? Are you seriously trying to paint Bale and Modric as being cut from the same cloth as John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashely Cole? 

Your pal was actually fanning the flames of players like Bale and Modders leaving! Your pal Arry, instead of acting like an employee of THFC, instead of acting like our manager, he spoke about any mooted transfers in resigned tones, spoke about the allure of the big money! 

Sours have made themselves a laughing stock this week …with the way they handled the club. I think should be damned really. The Venkys have taken so much stick for the way they’ve run Blackburn – but what’s the difference? 

Hahahaha. Yeah right. Tottenham are right up/down  there with the Venkys. We’ve been relegated and Levy & Co. killed time before we went down threatening to land global household names. 

Oh, sorry John. That was your pal Arry. That clown for weeks dropped hints that he wanted David Beckham. That David Beckham wanted to come. And then, the one that was actually funnier – Carlos Tevez! Yes Spurs are a laughing stock. 

I tell you what, if that was a foreign owner running Spurs the way Daniel Levy has run Tottenham over this summer and the way that he’s mishandled things …I think for a football club… then I’m sorry but I think we’d be giving them all sorts of stick. But because he’s an Englishman, I tell you what… you look at the way Spurs are run and the way things are developing at White Hart Lane… foreign owners just ain’t that bad, believe me I think they’re making a mess of it, they got themselves to a good level, has taken them up a level, surely you should afford him enough respect and loyalty to give him another 12 months to see whether he indeed, the man that’s taken them up one level already, can take them to that next stage. 

John, let me tell you what (if I may)… if the EDL ever need a PR man I think you should drop your CV in. What the flip has the nationality of a football club’s owner got to do with the price of fish? I couldn’t begin to tell you the nationality of  the people that own all the business I shop with. It doesn’t come into it. I don’t go into a supermarket and as I pay for my shopping ask the cashier, ‘The owner of this shop isn’t foreign, is he?’

I think Harry Redknapp’s next job will probably be abroad. I’m told that the middle east is calling for him, so… it’ll be interesting to see if he has a decent payday. You know, what really catches my eye… Harry Redknapp with some of the bookies he’s now a 7/2 shot to be the next Newcastle manager.

Decent payday? John, in all seriousness, are you on crack? Do you think your pal Arry left White Hart Lane clutching a bin bag with his  training boots in and 10% off voucher for the Megastore?

What is that telling us about Alan Pardew and Alan Pardew’s next job? Is he perhaps on Spurs’ radar? That’s an interesting little bet. 

It tells me you’re clutching at straws, John. As you usual you’re adopting your routine of being a bender of  the truth, not a communicator of it. Your pal Arry turned down the Toon job when he was 3 years younger than he is today. Pardew has done brilliantly at St.James’ and Mike Ashley has him on a nice long fat contract. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.