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Good morning.

I am reliably informed from UK based source that Andres Villas Boas is to be unveiled on Monday. And Jan Vertonghen by Wednesday.  If it doesn’t happen, then I must remind passengers that refunds can only be issued upon production of a valid receipt. 

As per yesterday’s piece the Italian press cited were pretty ‘robust’ in their claim, not suggesting rather reporting that the deal for the ex Chelsea boss was a done deal.

What I find ‘amusing’ for want of better word …is that’s the disgruntled pro Arry mob who are talking in such unforgiving terms about Villas Boas before he’s even installed. The irony.  

All I want from any new manager is for the team, its coaching and its tactics to be the focus. Not the ‘personality’ in charge. THFC are on the cusp of something here and I don’t mean the usual ‘fingers crossed’ business. I mean the NPD and the endless thorny issue of it’s funding. 

My contempt for Arry was mistaken by some as a personal hate campaign, again ironically by people who speak about him as if he were a relative. My issue was always with the damage being done to THFC. Was I alone in this? If I was I did some job convincing Levy & Co to sack him. Derren Brown you’re toast, son.

Imagine WHL with one of those church funds signs stuck on the outside it. You know, one of those big arrow things showing how close the money raised to the target is. 

Right, now whatever figure you think we’re at… minus £30m. Because that’s why knuckle head was fired. 

You can harp on about finishing fourth as long as you like. Nobody with half a brain cares. This is serious now and the pretty sexy resources we have need managing. 

If the next man in does his best and doesn’t do anything glaringly stupid he’ll have my support. I think that’s reasonable, no?

I expect some common sense, some enterprise and some consistency. I don’t expect to see him looking brain damaged, chimping out of a car window waving a mobile phone like a banana.

I don’t expect him to make me cringe everytime he opens his mouth, I don’t expect him to tell me that a tournament that has probably surpassed the World Cup for many football fans is ‘overrated.’

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  • nobby nobbs says:

    You are a Mysteron HH with powers known only to yourself Captain Blue, Captain Scarlet and Captain Black……and of course the sacked HR PuffnStuff.

  • aidyj7 says:

    here here, i’m actually quite exited, I hope he Whovever) gets installed soon, the media will be waiting for him to fail, but it might have blown over by the start of the season if we have a decent pre-season and make a couple of clever signings, and vertonghen tops that list, striker next please

  • kyl says:

    completely agree… with everything!!

  • aidyj7 says:

    nobby nobbs has fisted me again, and the people who were on here sacking avb before christmas before he’s even got the job need to get a grip, harry redknapp is not your grandfather

  • MarseilleYid says:

    If your source proves to be wrong, HH, you should name him and shame him. Sick of these ITKs that K F All.

    BTW, how comes Joe Lewis gets such a free ride in all of this. He’s supposed to be worth 3.8 billion and we’re quibbling over a million or two with Ajax? FFS, get it done.

    • calebray says:

      because levys brief is to run this circus like a business. i am in favour

      • MarseilleYid says:

        Amazing he still has a job himself then after Bentley, Bassong and countless other total waste of monies.

        • Rocitt says:

          You can slag Bentley off but at the time Levy signed him he was on fire and a lot of Spurs fans were made up he was bought. As for Bassong, he cost 8M and had just had a dam good season as well.

        • calebray says:

          its his money……….

    • essexian76 says:

      Getting really irritated by the constant reference to Joe Lewis….Joe Lewis is chairman of ENIC, not the chairman of THFC. ENIC own THFC and have appointed Daniel Levy as it’s chairman. Joe Lewis knows nor cares anything about football and isn’t a sugar daddy or Mary Poppins type character, who’ll dip his hand in his pocket whenever we need the odd few mill. His brief is simply Spurs should be a stand alone company, make a profit and become big enough and profitable enough to sell on for a bigger profit, but not at his personal expense. Daniel Levy however is a fan, with the power to make that happen-geddit?

      • M says:

        Every team has it’s share of flops. Ours is by no means disproportionate these days.

      • Sirled says:

        Joe Lewis is a Spurs fan, has been since childhood! but you are right regarding him throwing money at the club!!!

        • essexian76 says:

          He’s never had the slightest interest in football..research it yourself, it’s widely know.The guy’s there TO make money and the English National INVESTMENT Company is the biggest clue!

        • Devonshirespur says:

          …true but the way to make money in football is to increase the value of the club, and sell it on, not by making small annual profit. The way to make money is by investing into the club, to increase it’s profile, secure CL, improve sponsorship, increase stadium /merchandise revenue.

          Much of that has been achieved by ENIC while keeping a good control over costs. ENIC have and will invest in the club, to further increase the club’s earning and thus it’s overall value. Then don’t be surprised if they do sell and at way more than what they have paid and invested over the years.

    • Hidden truth says:

      He lives in a tax Haven and pays fuck all tax that’s why he has billions and wont spent it. He also lost 500 million on a failed bank in America and he wont buy any good players unless they are cheap or old.

      • Woody says:

        “wont but any good players unless they are cheap or old” – have you seen this lad we’ve got, young chap called Sandro? Or there’s this boy who’s called Luka 16 mill. Then there’s a chap called Gareth. Not to mention Bentley cost 15 mill and was “the new Beckham” at the time but old Harry never played him and it was downhill from there…for “cheap and old” look up the paperwork on Scott P and William G, you’ll find it at the house of a “H Redknapp” down on Sandbanks – oh no I forgot he doesn’t write anything down.

        • singletonspur says:

          I know i’m gonna get slated for this but… whoever it is that’s our next man at the helm, I personally would like to see them give Bentley another chance. He was on fire at Blackburn when we purchased him and through Redknapp not favouring him he was left to rot in the reserves or making cameo appearances for cup games!

        • Woody says:

          Would also love to see Gio given a run.

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