Date: 19th June 2012 at 6:13pm
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Good evening.

At this stage if Andreas Villas Boas isn’t unveiled as our new supremo very very shortly I’ll be genuinely shocked. So as we mark time I thought it would be helpful to have a discussion about the man. 

Now I don’t mean a happy clapper fest – I mean what would you base that upon? Rather a consideration of what you feel he could bring to the party.  

For me he’s the right man for the job for some very simple reasons. He has a CV. You can sneer at it, but it to deny he’s of a certain pedigree isn’t being entirely honest. It’s sneering for sneering’s sake.

Once you discount the fiasco it makes compelling reading. And discount the Chelsea fiasco you must. John Terry & his grotesque gang undermining his every move to one side and the interfering mother in law picking the team for him on the other. 

Boas apprenticed in his trade beneath distinguished masters. Sir Bobby Robson was evidently impressed by him. made him his permanent wing man from Porto to Chelsea to Internazionale. He speaks English fluently. 

Some of you will naturally want to compare and contrast the guy with others. Can just I say at this point that when you do this you’re perfectly entitled to express an irrational contempt. But it will be a dull blog if it is plagued with fortune tellers, seers and other assorted two bob soothsayers.

To prevent your contributions looking uninformed or thoughtless, you might just wish to expand upon why you believe that we’ll a) watch all our players hand in transfer requests and b) return to the dark days of Santini…

As I said repeatedly during my campaign to get rid of that last chancer, I can cope with poor results. I can cope with no . I’m not a child. But what I can’t tolerate are stupid people and untrustworthy people.

This is an industry all about results, but equally I want to see exploit a cracking squad and play to a standard that matches our pride. I want to see the boys managed with insight, intelligence, passion and wit.

I think this chap’s just the ticket for the task.