The 9 O’Clocker: Andre Villas Boas Being Interviewed

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Boa noite. That is your actual Portugese that is. 

Word from where words come from are that AVB’s much publicised online, ‘hello everyone, this is me at an airport!’ snaps are actually relevant. 

The boy VB is the the first through the doors for talks and I’ll tell you this… if true, then what a relief. His CV isn’t exactly what you’d call exhaustive but by the power of Greyskull it’s better than Martinez’s’s’s’s. 

If he can’t oblige Levy & Co.’s criteria then I want Capello.  The only blemish on his CV is …oh hang on… there’s a pattern emerging…. ladies & gentiles, may I un-proudly present… John Cadmeister Terry. 

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  • Johnny says:

    With such a young manager I guess Levy would like to bring in a DoF to work with him. Well, I think Levy would like to bring in a DoF even if the new manager would be 100 years old, like SAF.

    Get him signed up and do it quickly. Then make some clever noise in the transfer market and sell the unwanted ones and let preseason begin.

    • Stubarney says:

      Levy’s fingers got burnt the last time we had a dof, I think it is doubtful.

    • Woodsy says:

      Levy is the DoF. The manager will suggest players and Levy’s team will assess whether they fit his criteria. He picks his own players too when you consider the likes of Sandro.

    • JimmyT says:

      Billy Beane!!!

    • jim says:

      if this is true and i hope to god it isnt then the last one out of toottenham please turn the lights off.
      That would be it for me, adios tottenham, i’ll beome an independant fan of football.

      • Revan1882 says:

        You have to be kidding me, you are meant to support a team no matter what. Comments like this make me sick. AVB if he is put in charge will have my support, that’s what fans are meant to do.

  • essexian76 says:

    Most players are weak willed and look for any excuse not to perform – Employing someone whose lost a dressing room isn’t the best of idea’s- Massive thumbs down if this happens

    • DaveYid says:

      I think your first sentence shot holes in your second point there. It’s the players who didn’t respect him and would not budge. Them not budging is not entirely AVB’s fault. It’s their own pampered primadonna selves who sacked him.

      And by the way some Spurs fans have been shooting their mouths off about Harry and even our Chairman Levy, we may be heading the same way and AVB may be taking a side-step by becoming our manager because we have our own set of primadonna fans and players who are as bad as each other.

      Winning trophies doesn’t happen overnight. Not even with a big bankroll…

      • Ledge says:

        On the money.. :daumen:

      • essexian76 says:

        So why invite trouble in the first place? We need someone with a proven record if we’re going to go to ‘another level’, not someone who’ll create a problem beforehand, and anyway, don’t ex-Chelsea guys, have time restrictions imposed on them, blimey there’s been so many I can’t keep up

  • Sid Trotter says:

    yn myappliction wasn’t accepted?
    I shall burn bra
    any bikes gong cheap?

  • Habib says:

    Just the way he sits on the pitch “owling” kinda creeps me out. But god darn it he’s a tactician. Maybe we’ll stop letting in most goals from set pieces and stop scorng least amount of goals from corners under him; two facts had Redknapp corrected we’d be third with a smile on our face.

  • AFelching says:

    Capello, stop fucking around with manager who have ginger pubes

    • Frontwheel 2 says:

      Someone wrote today that he is only interested in a two year contract and then retirement,if true what’s the point of signing him?

      • ses says:

        Capello!! he is the only one with the best record outhere available! and if he only wants 2year contract, then perfect for us ! get the stadium underway and a very possible premier league title in the bag with capello at the helm and whoever the new man maybe, at that time he would be taken over a team that could be ready to compete with the best !!

        • simon says:

          please NOOOOO to capello OR AVB, both utterly useless for Spurs. andre villas-thesaurus would be embarrassing, that crouching thing he does looks like he is taking a girl taking a pee in the woods and the players will take the piss. Capello is so ridiculously pompous and gruff he is not going to play football the right way. Pep Guardiola is surely the only man for the job, lovely articulate man who will keep all the players there! come on daniel. sort it out. it may be a step down but then any club after barca is a step down. if its avb (a very bad idea) or fab(not) capuccino then i will be devestated, it WILL be a juande ramos, christian gross period all over again

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