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Good afternoon to you.

Good game, good game last night. Nothing to do with supporting England rather I think we’re getting to see what an excellent coach Roy Hodgson is. The Carrol goal and indeed his entire shift will have left most Bindippers feeling all squidgy inside.

Elsewhere, Levy & Co has beaten the Queen’s Hoours List to the press and awarded the Royal Order Of The Tin Tack to Bondy, Joe and Clive. 

This prompts such immediate thoughts such as why is Sir Les still here and what did Clive do to get himself wrapped up in the Madness Of King Arry?

The short answer is ‘we’re unlikely to ever know’, but on Allen it’s a concern as he’s been a part of the Club for so very long. Therein is a possibilty; Hughton survived so many exiting managers but as BMG’s official sidekick it he was always lined up to share any rewards or recriminations. Alas and farewell then Clive our little Lilywhite Icarus, he who flew too close to the Sun …columnist. 

Tim Sherwood survived and I’m now wondering if there is a coldness about him which is to be respected. I didn’t like him talking about Spurs in the third person, nor I didn’t warm to a rake of negative comments he made about us when he was a pundit on Setanta. Maybe I got it wrong. Maybe …he’s just very professional.

My last thought for the day is on Levy & Co. and the issue of a Director Of Football.  

As those reading my top of the range drivel for more than a fortnight will know, I am a fan of our chairman. I’ve no time for the hair-brained pseudo communist claptrap about him only being in it for a fast buck. After eleven years at it he’s either a rubbish asset stripper or he and ENIC will only sell at a figure so vast that no Tottenham fan in the world could complain.

It was suggested almost minutes after the demise of Arry that a return of Damien Comolli was on the cards. And my only response to this was, ‘why?’

His salary when he was with us last time was mooted to only be a million pounds per annum which in the crazy kaleidoscopic world of football finances doesn’t amount to a hill of beans – my point being how a vital a cog in the machine was he thought to actually be?

What did Comolli actually do that anyone with a half decent grasp of football couldn’t? I acknowledge he’s not responsible for how players are coached after they sign, but the chap appeared to point and shoot at players like sports desks do, based upon form and contract lengths; that sort of thing.

We’ve watched Levy & Co. increasingly take up the reigns in this wing of the business and I have to question the value in them hiring a middle man again. We don’t need agents ‘cosying up’ to managers filling their heads with spiel and their pockets with brown envelopes.

We need a Chairman who will barter like a hostage negotiator and ultimately have the strength to say, ‘Not for us today, but thank you very much for the coffee.’ And I think we have one of those.

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  • larrydayid says:


  • TD says:

    Like you i disliked Sherwood for his disparaging remarks about Spurs when he was on Setanta.

    However his complaints usually revolved around us being ‘soft’,espeially in midfield.

    And now look at us,with Sandro the beast and the up and coming Livermore (who recently thanked Sherwood for helping him progress) replacing the equally tough Palacios.

    As harsh as Sherwood’s words were,he was right and he’s obviously had an influence in correcting the problem.

    So not a bad chap to have around imo.

  • aidyj7 says:

    I’m not sure about the d of f role, although undoubtebly he did bring in some good players at spurs berba, bale, lennon, hudd et al as well as some dross probably a far longer list if others woyuld care to indulge me, his record at liverpool and over spending henderson, downing, barring last night, carrol, even suarez was a lot of money, surely any clown can throw money at players we need someone like carr back from newcastle to find us the cabayes (i could have ad im) ben arfas (i could have ad im) cisse’s (did he used to play for portsmouth?) and unearth the cheap and young talent, unsure what sherwood would do in that role if reports are to be believed but he did a sterling job in the next gens last year and maybe the young talents already here, coubillay i’m looking at you kid COYS

  • guspur says:

    I like the idea of a DOF, providing the positioning in the hierarchy of the club is correct.

    DOF should be working on behalf of the manager, not the other way around which so often seems to be the case.

    Arnesen was THE guy, although during Comolli’s scatter gun approach it did feel like we generated more capital from sales while amassing a core group of genuine contenders so I’m not totally against the model.

  • aidyj7 says:

    commoli at spurs:
    Gareth Bale, Alan Hutton, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Giovani dos Santos, Adel Taarabt and Younes Kaboul to the club.[9] Comolli was also responsible for the signings of current Tottenham first-team squad members Luka Modri?, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Heurelho Gomes, David Bentley (now at West Ham United on loan), Vedran ?orluka and Roman Pavlyuchenko, as well as Dimitar Berbatov (now at Manchester United).[10],
    fakinel not bad barring bentley, the others haven’t or werent given a chance taarabt, KPB,whos not looking too shabby at AC, wonder if dos santos might get a look in now? And fuck you larry i actually thought i was first out the door then :)

    • aidyj7 says:

      oh and hutton whos apparently looking for a new club again, working mens club for a stella

    • calebray says:

      alot of commolis signings, may seem a tad random but look at the playing staff before he arrived. he obviously had a brief and he improved our squad tenfold and made the club money.

      would love to hear of six new signing costing 10million altogether without knowing anything about them. Thats my favorite bit

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