Vertonghen Done & Dusted Says Dutch Media

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Good afternoon.  The blogs today are like Joey Barton on buttered roller skates. Thick and fast. Ba-dum-ching

Thanks to HH reader Snap for the heads up – it’s reported in that the Jan the man is a done deal *and at long naffing last* I hear you cry. This is the Google translate edition. 

The issue in the delay appears to have centered around the phrase ‘15%’. 

The Belgian captain of the champion next week signed Tottenham Hotspur and the left-footed defender of AZ should forget him in the Arena.

Ajax and The Spurs were already agreed on the transfer of 10 million plus any bonuses from 2 million. The Amsterdam have now reached an agreement with Vertonghen. Contractually, the 37-fold international law at 15 percent of the entire transfer, so even if it would increase to 12 million.

Now take Vertonghen settle for 15 percent of 10 million and he can go to London.Viergever is making his second season in Alkmaar and was the last year to 30 football league matches and two goals. The Sparta Rotterdam trained left leg is 22 and must be 5 million euros.

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  • Johnny says:

    Well that sound official enough to me :)

    Have a nice weekend. The wheels are turning again.

  • Lesley King says:

    I went to the same school as that journalist. I recognise the English teachers method within his text. Its called fukspeak. Cutting edge secondary education late seventies, early eighties. It has served its pupils well!

  • Devonshirespur says:


    Never heard of him before!

  • ryan says:

    With old gylfi and Jan on board – would make me much happier.
    Maybe they’ll have Levy hanging out of his rover by WHL with the old “I dont know if it’s done, you’ll have to ask the chairman. He deals with all those sorts of things”

  • Andyspur says:

    Naffin hell if you can understand that your a better Dutchman than me.

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