Date: 22nd June 2012 at 9:13am
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Good morning.

Let’s kick off with the football headline of the week, ‘Tykes Sphinx Mido deal is on’ courtesy of which heralds the imminent return to the UK of the onetime legend. Mido was another one wasn’t he? Threatened to be the next big thing and …see what I did there? 

Modric’s name has been taken in vain again, the poor hen. This time on Odious with Roger Morgan suggesting that he’s off to for €38M. Is this true? Who knows? What is known is that the press were so determined to keep the story going they fabricated 90% of the saga last year that the fact they only bid a little over£25M for him got lost in the mix. 

clearly has ambitions beyond our budget and if he’s serious about this Chicken Badge allergy then perhaps we should take this on the chin and say well it’s better than staring at him running about in a Cheatski blouse.

Elsewhere we have the rumour that resurfaces like the Loch Ness monster. Which is to say always from murky waters and during a time of the year where the heavyweight headlines are about hosepipe bans and TOWIE stars getting trapped in tanning booths.

Will it be that buy out? His Imperial Majesty Sheikh Ma Nuggets or member of One Direction (the one with the lazy eye). All mickey taking to one side, there is such a vast gulf in the money actually has and what is needed to make the NPD happen I wouldn’t fall over if there was something in all this. 

Andrea Villas Boas has made history by threatening to quit as our coach before actually being appointed. This decisive, swashbuckling style is precisely what we’ve been missing. But it’s been reported that he is genuinely naffed off that we have, ‘Been speaking to about ten people.’  That’s showbusiness, my old son.

Photograph © DailyMail