An Ode To The King

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So farewell then Ledley Breton King

You gave us your all …your everything.

A callow youth debuted for us in 1996

Was even then a thoroughbred with wily tricks.

Cut from Captain cloth from head to toe

We prayed that you would never go.

But no one knew what was to be

Blighted by that bloody knee.

Your training regime was quite unique

A dozen laps in Levy’s pool – sometimes twice a week.

But this isn’t goodbye old pal, just au revoir 

We need you as our Ambassad0r.

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  • Spudulike says:

    If it’s worth saying once it is worth saying twice… I suppose.
    Ledders=true legend.

  • aidyj7 says:

    Gutted to be honest, if there was even a sniff of him being fit he was the only player I wanted to see on the team sheet, its a sad day really and what might have beens but he will be fondly remembered as a true legend, loyal to the core, 100 times the man and player Cnutbell is, and a man who can truly hold his ale was and not for the roasting Grant Holt gave him last year, long live the king !!

  • Hartley says:

    His tackle on Robben at the Lane will be etched in my memory for all time…Long live the KING!

  • Razspur says:

    None better.

  • Jim Hoskins says:

    Farewell to the legend, we will never find a suitable player to fill the number 26 shirt again, so it should be retired along with the King.

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