Date:15th July 2012 at 8:11pm
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Good evening.

I saw this on Spurs Community and thought it well worth sharing given the dichotomy shall we call it on here given the last bloke in charge.

On area that was questioned under the last regime was training. 

Insinnuendos in relation to training and tactics dogged Arry’s tenure. It was rumoured that the wipe board was never used and that he picked a first eleven, got ’em to run about a bit and then it was time for him to lean out his car window and address the world’s media. The rest of the players were the left overs and they were left in the cold. 

I think we all recall Krankie coming on that time after we hadn’t seem him for a dogs age and the bloke sweated up like a racehorse after only ten minutes. Shocking.

André Villas Boas strikes me as bloke who has a spreadsheet for most things in his life including his pyjamas. 

He’s got them at it, according to Matspur17…

First bit of ITK not very exciting but avb definitely isn’t messing around.

My friend plays a bit of tennis with David Bentley, at times.

He said for their preseason they do two footy sessions 9-12am and 5-8pm and fitness 1.30-3pm.

With Harry they only trained 9-12am even for preseason! (might explain how unfit we looked at beginning of season). He does have Banter though!

Everyone has been given a fresh start a few guys you thought would leave might stay now.

Luka however is not one of those.