Are You Cloughie In Disguise? Are You Cloughie, In Disguise?

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Good evening.

I tell you this much. I’m dead excited. The appointment of Andres Villas Boas should prove to be a genuine coup. And here’s my thinking behind why…

AVB’s pedigree and limited past successes fill me with hope. Why should they do otherwise? They appear a fair reflection of the man. Add to the mix Sir Bobby Robson and Jose Mourinho – two of the greatest footballing minds of what, the last two generations –  both showed him enormous respect and what have we got? A man that one of the richest men in footballing history – Roman Abramovich – employed.

Why was Chelsea a disaster for Boas then? Hahahahahhahahaha come on. Please tell me you didn’t arrive at this URL via the EDL website.  John Terry, Fwank and Ashley are unmanageable.

AVB wasn’t the first to be spat out of the Tosspot Social Club. Hiddink? Ancelotti? If you say otherwise you automatically assert that Roberto Di Mateo is one of the world’s finest football managers. 

So what did Boas actually do in his spell with the Blue Racists, then? Well, try this for size. His tactics were rather sexy . A defensive high line and an emphasis on having the ball.

Retention, speed, attack. Just enough to make it unpalatable for the conditioned old guard who still only know and trust their counter attack methodology. And so where might a system like this flourish? Well did any of you watch the EURO 2012 final? Yeah, Spain.

So what can we expect? The short answer ain’t short. AVB spoke of a project at The Bridge and I have to break it to you that we’ll be facing an approach whereby the system is paramount and the players will have to meld in order to achieve success. 

This isn’t as creepy as Scientology I promise you. But it can be as cool to watch as a Tom Cruise movie. 

What the appointment of AVB will herald is an intense focus upon commitment, drive, achievement and ambition. The resources of the squad were under exploited by the last bloke. This chap will truly coach. And believe me he will manage. 

Why did I mention Brian Clough? Because he was a man that got a second chance from football. Football allows that you know.

And if you were willing to pay close attention, you might learn even more than that yourself …young man.

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  • wilboid says:

    Happy Birthday to ME!
    They only went and bought me a shiny new manager didn’t they.

    • 39 39 39 says:

      Andre just remember to brush up on your Kipling “if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs” You’ll be THE MAN my son!
      :freu OH! and a belated happy birthday

      • chiversmetimbers says:

        Happy Barfday our kid….

        btw…kudos to 39,39,39….he was the lunatic who came on here in March givin it AVB right after he was sacked by the chavs and we all laughed him outta town…who’s laughing now?

        • 39 39 39 says:


        • cHUCK sPAMMER says:

          Hey, let’s hold the ‘who’s laughing’ stuff until we’ve seen what he can or can’t do.

        • 39 39 39 says:

          I simply predicted that AVB would be chosen as our new manager,in a considered posting, which a moron calling himself “silver bullet” picked apart,and attempted to pile ridicule on my thoughts.
          I, frankly, expect AVB will bring back some respectability to the lane, after the beloved by twats Trouty, almost reduced us to the level of the Pikeys.

  • richspurs says:

    greetings.great thought.

  • Astromesmo says:

    Never really thought about the link with Cloughie & his ill-fated run-in with the Leeds louts… Hmmm. A similar outcome would be very nice indeed – Well apart from the alcoholism and randomly punching a fan in a clown suit of course.

    Now, on to the important ITK… Can you confirm or deny if the feisty medical lady from the Cheatski bench will be joining us at the Lane?

  • Andyspur says:

    Brilliant stuff HH cant wait for the season to start its gonna be massive!!!

  • Teddyboy says:


    • Urbane Sturgeon says:

      OK Teddyboy I’ll come to your aid but make sure you lube up well and in future I suggest you be more selective and stop shouting.

      Have you tried Craigslist?

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