€30M Moutinho & €18M Adrian

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Good afternoon.

John Terry may have walked from Westminster Court clutching a ‘Not Guilty’, but his footsteps always tread sewage wherever he goes. I spotted this and it’s an excellent summary of what went on link

What is vital is that he is now properly dealt with by the FA and quite rightly done for bringing the game into disrepute. Something he, his father, his mother and his jackal of a brother have been doing for years. 

Moutinho has been valued at €30M by Porto so say TuttomercatoWeb this morning. Which immediately says two things. He’s not priced to sell and those suggesting we’re close to signing him must know an awful lot that you and I do not. 

ElMundodeportivo believe that the Modric to Real Madrid deal negotiations have ‘intensified’ in the last few hours. There has been a mumble that Benzema might be involved in the deal to break the burden of the big cash fee Spurs want. But I’m unconvinced about this.

For one, since I announced Benzema joining us on loan last Christmas he’s hardlt impressed. I can’t recall one memorable performance in the Lilywhite. For two, this just smacks of a journo making something up – as per the Carvalho tale. 

Spanish organ Marca are saying that we’re in for Athletico Madrid’s Adrian. He’ll only cost €18M. This must come with it’s own warning too and could in theory be a tale sparked off the back of the player reportedly halting contract negotiations with his current employers.

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  • fist says:


  • philmccrackin says:

    Arry out.

  • Moutino looks ok,a little bit like Modric but not fantastic and not worth 30 mil. However if AVB decides that he will further his plan and style of play then its ok but 30 mil looks complately out of whack. Looks like 20 mil at most player.
    Adrian seems ok but I think we need a stronger striker like Llorente.I took a look at Robert Lewandowski.He looks the business too.
    Still everything seems to be going well so far so hopefully for a creative midfielder and a striker AVB will make the right decisions.

    • pornbaron says:

      I think in Huddlestone, Siggurdson and VDV we have a few creative midfielders already unless VDV leaves as well as Modric. I’m much more worried about having an alternative/competition for Lennon on the right and more options up front. A goalie is obviously gonna be on the cards at some stage too. So I’m not keen on stockpiling more creative central players. We still have to get shot of Jenas and Bentley too!

      • VDV has creative talent but its going to be hard for him to keep up I think going forward.Good for impact

        Huddlestone there is a huge question about pace.He may not make it.But he is talented.

        I think if we buy a big striker we should keep Bentley (Lennon gets injured a lot and also can chip but cant cross well)

      • AhSpellinded says:

        Considering the price we’d get for dos santos and bentley at this stage I think we should give them a chance with AVB. If he turns out to be the wizzard we hoped for we could have at least one very good player in dos santos. I don’t think jenas has anything to offer even under the new propsed 433 system. This brings me to my second point that its more the forward left position I’d be concerned about. I didn’t see rose play last season but apparently he was diabolical he might do better in a forward left postion but has he ability to compete with bale? Theres also falque anyone know what the lad is like with a football?
        It might be an idea to sign a player who can offer real competition to both forward wings just in case dos santos doesn’t sparkle.

    • Habib says:

      I think it is important the the heart beat of the team is a player the manager knows and trusts and vice versa. From that angle he Moutinho would be perfect.

  • AFelching says:


  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Noticed a little niggling/handbags breaking out on the last few blogs.

    As it’s dull reading, it simply gets deleted.


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