He’s Signed & I’m Delighted To Hear It

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Good evening. 

I come bearing better than half good tidings. 

Emmanuel Adebayor the man they couldn’t hang – no matter how hard they seemingly tried – is a Yiddo. The source impeccable to the extent we’ve agreed his execution will be broadcast on a live stream from this very site if it doesn’t happen.

I know that opinion is a little divided on Ade. I’m down with that. There are always going to be good and wise people that don’t understand everything. 

So in the softly spoken words of Thatch Denis, I’d do anything for love but I won’t do that rejoice!

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  • BillyFiore says:


    • StevieYidoRhea says:

      SuperSpur??? Yeah….. Thought so…. :-p :freu :winke:

      • SuperSpurs says:

        Now now, let’s be fair BillyFiore actually followed it up with another comment. I’m being fair here, playing the ball as HH would say.

        You have a good memory though, I’ll give you that……oh and I’m on holiday for a week, out of the country with no Internet….so fill yer boots …. :cop:

  • BillyFiore says:

    And now.. Santi Cazorla?

    • Happy hamster says:

      Santi carzola is a player I’d like at the lane Spanish international oodles of skill at a realistic price
      Also rondon from Malaga please quick young and powerful and hungry please no primas here
      I’m worried about paying anywhere near £30 mill they want for moutinho who like ratboy doesn’t score enough goals .
      All these transfer figures being thrown about I’m not convinced outside Germany and turkey there not much money swishing around .
      There are bargains to be had

  • MarseilleYid says:

    Great news. Now for a 2nd striker, Modric replacement and Lloris?

  • LDNYid says:

    Chuffed, he was excellent for us last season and indeed one of the few proven options available within the price bracket we can affairs

  • Richiec says:

    And what’s this impeccable source u speak of. There’s nothing about it anywhere.

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