Hulk Won’t Be Signing For Spurs

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Good morning.

Well I guess today is all about ‘that picture’. Once the hysteria subsides there are a few questions to be asked.

A lot of the questions will be answered by pointing out that Hulk is wearing the new brazil Olympic top. Which is a time stamp of sorts.

The second question is if Villas-Boas wasn’t just there to see an old Porto mate, then how much do people getting excited think the player would cost and want in wages?

Tomorrow a photograph of Villas-Boas going taking a walk outside Big Ben with earphones in. ‘AVB Challenges Coalition To Dance Off,’ says Triffic Tottenham.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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  • johnhalloween says:

    everyone jumping to conclusions as usual. Cant afford transfer fee let alone wages.

    • blobby says:

      when Abramovich sees this pic he’ll put in a bid just like with Oscar

    • Voidhelix says:

      Are u privy to the payroll and structure that Levy has defined at Spurs? NO so stfu u moron!

    • Wagahumper says:

      Actualy, we can afford both! Expect announcements on huge investment once the transfer window has closed!! Qatari investment – welcome to Tottenham Hotspur!!

  • yidspurs says:


  • lobo says:

    If AVB can sell the THFC dream, then who knows .

  • jim says:

    good news if we are not after him. Extrememly over hyped and over priced, will think he is better than everybody else, not a team player. Next Please !!!

    • DaveYid says:

      But if a player was underrated, you’d be the first to believe that he was useless wouldn’t you…? I would take any striker right now. We just need to expand options.

    • Tony says:

      Definitely overrated, let’s go for Leandro Damaio

  • Alan says:

    The two blokes behind AVB are the spurs coaching staff. Either they went along because they have not found anything better to do in London or AVB’s trip was more business than pleasure.

    • Dave yid says:

      They’re probably there talking to Sandro and AVB is catching up with his old mate. We need two strikers though so personally I really hope there’s more to this…..COYS !!!

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