Midget Gem Negotiating Out, Kaká Negotiating In…

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Hello young lovers.

Jermain ‘What? What? I didn’t see you! Bruv, it was on so I took it’ Defoe has been in talks with Reading. 

I’ve mixed feelings about the Midget Gem. He’s scored so many goals, so many important ones. Specifically ones that got us out of schtuck. Yet his spiel his routine lacked variety. Receives ball, turns, shoots, winces. 

Where would he fit in under the André Villas Boas high line? I do not know. What I do know is that he was struggling to get starts under Arry, the manager that has been a fan of his since he was knee high to linesman’s flag.

The interesting mumble – and mumble is all that it is at this stage – is the name of Kaká. Hold tight on the upper deck.

It’s well documented that Real Madrid has been somewhat of a career cul-de-sac for one of the world’s greatest players and I’m told that Los Blancos are looking for compensation of ballpark £20M for him. Bare in mind he was sold to them for them for a reported £59M in 2009.

Will it happen? Hahahaha. What I can tell you is that serious enquiries have 100% been made. This club is not mucking about any more.

The gloves are off. 

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  • Hotstepper says:

    Personally I’d leave the gloves on if dealing with Kaka.

  • hiddeous1 says:

    Jermain ‘What? What? I didn’t see you! Bruv, it was on so I took it’ Defoe


    • Dannyspurs says:

      Jermain brings his night club pulling technique to the pitch…..keep trying/shooting and your bound to score.

      Under both Jol and rosie47, JD is always second fiddle, he’s more a mid table player.

      As for Kaka. 20m for a 30 year old…..thats not very Levy.

    • The Tottinghams says:

      Yes, totally awesome. “put the all in the goal”??? “don’t you get extra points for smacking the ball at the goalie”? The boy is a twat

  • CLaw says:

    £20m for a player WAY past his best. No thanks. Don’t think on recent form he’d get on our bench.

    • LDNYid says:

      He’s had some injury problems and lost a lot of pace; I’ll remain open minded if he were to come…

  • MitchellThomas says:

    It’s never really happened for the Gem has it. “Impact sub”, “Last throw of the dice”. Shame really as you’d imagine at a club like West Ham or Everton he’d be a regular starter and 20 goals a season for sure. Too good for mid table teams, not quite good enough for top 4.
    Still he has managed to kick Alexandra Burke’s back doors in once or twice so fair play to the boy.

  • super4 says:

    We had the same attitude towards parker with regards to age and past his best! °? say bring him on :D

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