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A genuine sense of moving forward is the vibe I’m being told about. Take that last Sunday Express article, work out the diametric opposite and that is where the club is presently at.

Adebayor is not ‘done’, but the man himself is really keen to be part of next season’s campaign with us. The change of coach hasn’t effected his position as he is keen to prove he’s worth a first team shirt under ‘whoever’ , which is superb.

The second snippet is in relation this Oscar chap. The attacking Mid from Brazil. Whilst the exact figure isn’t confirmed, what I am told is that negotiations have reached a point whereby both parties want to ‘work something out.’

Ooh my days.

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  • MarseilleYid says:

    1st !!

  • MarseilleYid says:

    Interesting that they would let Oscar go but not Leandro. Any insight there, HH?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I’m unconvinced the Leandro thing ever ‘existed’ to be honest…

      • Johnny says:

        Leandro have been quoted that we have made a bid. Only club to officially do so to even do more are interested.

        I think Internacional is waiting to see if a bigger offer comes in that we have to match. If not, they will accept our offer and he will be ours before the trade deadline. IMHO of course.

        Dont know if 3rd party ownership plays a part also. A lot of South Americans are owned by a 3rd party.

      • Adrian says:

        He didn’t want to leave. That was the reason

      • hoofing says:

        ‘I’m unconvinced the Leandro thing ever ‘existed’ to be honest…’

        No smoke without fire…. I hazard it did but previous management might have been the sour grape in the vine. Fluck it lets get another Brazilian in the fold…..share rooms with Sandro.

        • Urbane Sturgeon says:

          “No smoke without fire”

          Have you never seen a tabloid newspaper?

        • Tel says:

          Share a room with Sandro… now there’s a thought. I imagine it would be like a cross between scenes from Fear and Loathing and Rambo

          Where do I sign?

  • Paynotron says:

    Endless IDK’s touting these deals on twitter, but the list does indeed seem to be narrowing itself down:

    Lloris / Butland
    Moutinho (if Modric goes)

    Looks tasty – although how many Brazilian wonderkids have really made it over here?

    • MarseilleYid says:

      Can’t see the Butland thing happening, not for the price they are quoting. Lloris is only 25, captain of his country and not that much more expensive. Looks like a much more likely deal to me of the two.

    • Jayjay says:

      Sandro made it over here, and Lucas is according to LFC fans there most important player.

      We aint had many more Juninho did well, Robinho never but he flopped in Italy and Spain aswell so I guess he just isnt very good, we never got a chance to see Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or co.

      Gilberto Silva did ok for the scum.

      A line up of:
      Walker Verts Kab BAE
      Mout Sandro VDV
      Oscar Bale

      Subs: Fridel, Naughton, Caulker, Sig, Hudd, Parker, Remy

      • Sirled says:

        wheres Azza Blud???

        • TD says:

          Lennon just about makes the bench in that new line up – his progress has now plateaued unfortunately.

          btw Can’t have VdV playing either,legs look totally shot these days hence Sigurdsson signing.

      • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

        Has Sandro made it? Really? He has looked good in patches but injuries and Parker seem to have held him back. He is of an age now where he really needs a long run in the team and then hopefully he can show us that he is the real deal.

        • Mattspurs says:

          Parker didn’t pick the team ‘Arry did – Sandro should have played more and parker needed a rest

      • MarseilleYid says:

        We’re not signing Remy for him to sit on the bench :-0

      • AVaBreak says:

        Jog it out, in what world is this Oscar bloke a better option than Lennon? And caulker and naughton better bench options than daws and gallas? Spose you also thought pav would be better than Berbatov? This fantasy football is madness lets get in the real world and stop talking about kids who played for Swansea, Norwich and internacional last season. We are a top 4 prem club and the boys who got us there are good enough!

      • Acton_Yid says:

        VdV will be leaving I suspect, you might want to take him out your selection.

    • Friend or Defoe says:

      glad someone spotted that. but with Sandro here that could aid settling and who knows. is there any chance the Vertonghen deal will drag out until he’s a freebie next summer? Kaboul/Dawson/Caulker makes me less worried than a week ago but still not completely satisfied we have adequate cover without the Belgian. comfortable LB too for when BAE gets his dreads done.

    • Paddyspurs says:

      Rameres (Chelsea) sandro ( spurs) G silva ( arscum) rafeal (utd) lucas ( liverpool ) and few flops robinno (city) baptise (arscum) Gomez (spurs)

  • ColneyYid says:

    Think bringing back Ade would be bad business, would like to see us try and get Huntelaar in. COYS

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