10 O’Clocker: And We’re Off!

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Good evening.

836,357 people have assured me this evening that I need to lose weight and brush up my social skills a bid has been accepted for long term Chicken Badge allergy sufferer Luka Modric.

If this is the case then goodbye and good riddance. Ooh …’nasty Harry’ I hear you say. Well, not really. My bitter sentiments don’t get borne out of boredom. Chancers like Luka and Dimitar could have stayed where they where and been an integral part of something good. Something worthwhile.

But when we are dealing with these type of half men …who spiritually come from a place so low that even the rats are hunchbacked …what can one expect?

Will a deal on Modders include a Noel Edmond’s Saturday Swap Shop stylee player plus cash deal? I sincerely doubt it.Will this spark a flurry of Tottingham shaped transfer activity? I sincerely doubt it. But Levy & Co are 100% working overtime…

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