Date: 21st September 2012 at 1:55pm
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Good afternoon. Here are this weekend’s fixtures for what is now Game week 5 and how I think they might pan out.

Swansea vs

Could well be a brilliant game for the neutral. Moyes appears to have got boys playing some pretty excellent football opposed to just just surviving. Swansea appear not to have skipped a beat despite losing their manager and two of their best players. Must be something in the water down there. If do manage to crack the Liberty fortress it’ll be some game. A high scoring affair, my prediction is 3-2.

Blue Racists vs Stoke

Cheatski manager Bob Matthews could find himself in the Oligarch’s office if things don’t go to plan here. The paymaster general was apparently unimpressed with the Champions League performance. Chelsea’s league form is solid, or was until QPR parked their bus last week. Stoke are the league’s draw specialists right now which lends even greater weight to the argument they are a blight on the game. Ideally I’d like to see this game end with a hoard of rampaging wilder-beasts Jumanji style trampling the players of both sides to death. Should that not happen then a 1-1 seems gilt edged.

Southampton vs

I think we can safely say that Southampton are in bits. They’ve scored 5 goals in four games but conceded 15. Perhaps a visit from might provide some respite. I’ve only watched the Saints play a few times so far and they aren’t dreadful, but they just don’t have anyone who looks like a proper player. Adkins will struggle to keep his job, that doesn’t require any talent to suss, but this would be papering over a crack. Prediction? Southampton to get a 1-1 or 2-2 draw and maybe, just maybe some self confidence back.

West Brom vs Reading

I thought West Brom looked much rejuvenated this season but getting interfered with 3-0 at suggests Steve Clarke has got some problems in there somewhere. That said the Baggies whacked both the Merseyside clubs, so Reading shouldn’t overwhelm them. Reading’s form is relatively miserable having been whupped by both us and Cheatski. Reading will see this as a decent shot at redemption. If nobody takes a hold of this game, it could be something daft like a 3-3 draw.


I don’t know how you’d be a fan. They’ve only got 3 songs, which are essentially ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’ sung at 3 different speeds. Fat Sam has them playing some textbook Championship football and you only have to watch them hurtling about and you’re back in the school playground playing in a 25 a-side game. Sunderland’s Latin motto on their clube crest should translate as ‘Organized & Punctual’. Prediction? 1-2.

Wigan vs Fulham

Not worth watching is my prediction here. I expect a Fulham win, though. Maybe 0-2.